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The Jarl’s Challenge has been published for a little over a month now and what a month! The sales are WAY higher than I imagined and it makes me SO happy!

I’m an indie author. Like all other indie authors I don’t have a huge marketing budget.

This is why I’ve been so incredibly pleasantly surprised with how well The Jarl’s Challenge has been doing. The book is selling way better than I expected! I mean, are there really that many people out there who like Viking romance?

With a lot of help from my friends

As I said, i don’t have a huge marketing budget. I actually have a zero marketing budget. What I do have is a lot of help from some great friends who spread the word. Thank you so much for helping The Jarl find his readers!

I also have an amazing cover, made by The Cover Fling. I honestly think the cover of The Jarl’s Challenge is responsible for a majority of the sales. After all, who hasn’t been staring into those eyes and fallen completely in love with the Jarl?

Great reviews

The Jarl’s Challenge has also been receiving some really great reviews. The average review is 4.8 (out of 5) stars and here are some of them:

This is The Jarl’s Challenge

The Jarl’s Challenge is a fun story about a Jarl and the woman he wants to marry.

This is the blurb for The Jarl’s Challenge:

He broke her nose when they were children. Now he’s telling her to be his wife. Telling her, not asking her.

Borghild doesn’t have much but she has her honor. The only way to keep it is to challenge Eivind, the new jarl, to a holmgang.

Eivind is home from his long trip abroad. He’s laid claim to the throne, now he needs his childhood friend to marry him.

Borghild is as proud as he remembered. A challenge? Let the battle begin.

This Viking romance includes a fierce shieldmaiden, a warrior who loves her, a cold Scandinavian Winter, hot romance, and plenty of humor.

The Jarl’s Challenge by Thyra Dane

More Viking romance

I’m so inspired by how well The Jarl’s Challenge is doing. I’d already planned on writing more Viking romance, but the great sales of The Jarl’s Challenge has made me go full speed ahead.

You can definitely expect more romance with strong women, proud men, and plenty of swords, in the future!

Haven’t read The Jarl’s Challenge yet? Buy it here!

4 thoughts on “The Jarl’s Challenge is doing so well–and I’m over the moon!

  1. Buttercup says:

    Can you please tell us when your next story will be out? Another viking story? I’ve been following you since your days and… Hello, my name is Buttercup, I’m an addict.

    1. Thyra Dane says:

      The best kind of addict 😀
      I am writing a Viking series about three sisters and also another short story, but I am a slow writer and covid has me working long hours at work. But I hope to be able to publish another Viking story in 2021.
      Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot!

      1. Buttercup says:

        You’re very welcome. Ooh a Viking series, that’s exciting! Slow is good, no pressure.

  2. Barbara says:

    Hi Thyra – been rereading your ff lately and once again enjoying your writing. Took a chance to see that you are still on twitter so I found you there and saw your book!! I purchased it immediately – after following you there – and am saving it for an upcoming long flight. Congrats on being published! Looking forward to the Viking series – hope you are able to write full time soon. You write very well and even your long AN were super interesting 😉

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