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That blow job was mind-blowing even more than cock-blowing. I am not submissive by nature, but I would never object to a friendly slap or two if they came from Sookie.

I opened the door in my Adam-suit. Actually I preferred to call it my Ask-suit as it was Ask and Embla, not Adam and Eve, who were the two first people on earth according to my belief.

The waiter outside was used to vampires in all kinds of clothing, or out of them, so he never even lifted an eyebrow. Sookie, on the other hand, had charmingly red cheeks, even if she was still in her dress. I smiled to her. How could I not smile at this wonderful woman?

The waiter wheeled a little cart in with some different foods into the room and left. Sookie mentally clapped her hands and started on one end and ate her way through. I could not pretend to know all the dishes she ate, but it was nice to see that she had a healthy appetite.

I grabbed a Blood. I was planning on having some blood from Sookie later, but I didn`t want to drink too large amounts from her. Didn`t the nutritionists recommend that humans eat a lot of small meals? Well, that was my plan for drinking Sookie`s blood.

After having eaten substantial amounts of food, Sookie excused herself to tend to human needs. When she came back, I could smell toothpaste and I noticed that the little makeup she wore was gone.

She came over to me, twined her fingers into my hair and pulled me down for a kiss.

“Remember that I am still in charge, Erik.” She smiled.

Oh, I would have her no other way right now.

She pushed me towards the bed and made me lie down on my back. I felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve. My present was still wrapped as Sookie had not taken off her blue dress.

I soon discovered that the Christmas present was actually partly unwrapped because when Sookie pulled up the skirt of her dress and lowered herself onto me; it was obvious that her panties were left behind in the bathroom.

She steadied herself with the tip of me at her entrance, her hands on my flexing biceps and her mouth on mine. We moaned in each others` mouths when she started moving her hips a little; not up and down or at least not as far up and down as I would have preferred, but in small circles. She only let the tip of me inside, stimulating it far beyond what my sanity could take.

I let out some strange noises to help me hold on and not let go. I just wanted to pull Sookie down on me, but she had her own plans. I had my eyes closed to focus on not coming too soon, when I heard Sookie say in her lowest voice.

“Look at me, Erik.”

My eyes flew up. Then she let go of my arms, sat up and plunged down on me. She had a wide smile on her face when she saw my reaction. Then she did it again. And again.

Before I knew it, I could feel my orgasm getting close and this one would be huge. I wanted Sookie with me on it and quickly let my hand slip under the skirt of the dress to stimulate her too.

She bent a little backwards to allow my thumb some room and I could feel her breath getting stronger. When she was getting close, holding back was no longer an option for me. I came with a roar and dragged Sookie with me.

She went limp and fell down on my chest. I was pretty limp myself.


Erik pushed some strands of my hair behind my ear.

“We may not be able to buy a new ring tomorrow since we are going to Iceland.” He said. “But we will buy it soon.” He nodded to himself.

“Are you angry that I didn`t want to take your ring?” I couldn`t feel any anger in the bond, but I wanted to make sure.

He turned us around to lie face to face.

“I wanted you to have the ring, Sookie. It would have looked good on you. But I think I understand. So many things have happened to you after I came into your life. You need to keep some kind of control. And the ring is of no consequence to us.” He smiled widely and continued. “It`s just a ring. You said yes to me and that`s what counts.”

I could feel the old Sookie-temper boil up inside of me.

“Well, you didn`t give me much choice, now did you?” I sat up in bed.

“Are you saying that you didn`t want all this? That you didn`t want me?” Erik asked.

I got some very mixed emotions from him. I had to think a little before I spoke. Not usually something I do when my temper is awakened, but there was much at stake here and for once in my life I didn`t want to have a temper tantrum.

“No, that`s not what I`m saying, Erik. I`m just saying that things have gone very fast. Two weeks ago I was just another bar owner in a sleepy little town in Denmark. Now I am bonded, and apparently married, to a vampire who has to go on trial for murder. My brother is missing and I have been both beaten up and kidnapped. I`m human, Erik. This is a bit too much for me to wrap my brain around.”

“But you also met me.” Erik said with confidence.

“Yes, Erik. I also met you. I met a sexy vampire that I have grown to care deeply for over this short time. I have also had more great sex than I have ever had before. I have laughed and I have even had a few history lessons.”

I sighed and let my fingers run through Erik`s hair, massaging his scalp lightly with my fingertips.

“The bottom line is that I like having you in my life. It`s just that your life is a bit complicated for me to be in. And I don`t even understand half of it.”

Erik pulled me closer.

“Sookie, I love having you in my life and I also love being in your life. When all this is over, we can return to your life. I will make some adjustments and maybe start a new Fangtasia here in Denmark.” His eyes got a dreamy stare.

“We will have a good life together, Sookie.” He said with confidence. “We have a great bond. Probably one of the strongest bonds there is apart from the one between maker and child. We exchanged blood several times before we officially bonded, we have used a very strong ceremonial knife for the bond and…” He paused a little. “We have the emotions.” He thought a little. “Yes, the warm emotions we have between us make this bond very strong.”

Was he talking about love? He had certainly never told me he loved me. I would have remembered. But had I told him I loved him? Did I love him? I wasn`t sure.

This was not a subject I wanted to discuss so I went back to the matter of having a good life together.

“But what if we don`t get to have a good life together, Erik. You are on trial for the murder of your former king. That has got to be serious among vampires?”

“Oh yes, those are serious charges, but I didn`t do it. And the Norns will understand that.” He smiled to me.

“How can you be so confident?” I was getting agitated by what I thought was his carelessness. He was trying to send me calm through the bond, but that got me even more wound up.

“I don`t want to be calmed down now. I want assurance.” I said in a tone of voice that was far too loud for a person with perfect hearing, actually more than perfect hearing, lying 30 centimeters from my mouth.

“I can be so confident because I have lived over a 1000 years. I have been through trials like this before. Furthermore, you have to trust me when I say that I am well prepared. Queen Thyra did not offer my head on a silver platter; she offered me a way to clear my name.” He gave me a chaste kiss.

“Just relax and trust me, Sookie. I will handle this. We can discuss this until I have to rest, but I did have other plans for what I wanted to do with you.” He kissed me deeply then drew back and looked at me.

“I only have one practical thing I want you to know. We are going to Iceland tomorrow when I am sleeping. So don`t be alarmed if I`m not here when you wake up. I will sleep in a coffin and that coffin will be taken on board the flight by the queen`s day personnel. You will have a bag delivered with everything you will need for Iceland.”

“I am going to Iceland with you?” I half asked, half stated.

“Yes, of course you are, Lover. You are my bonded. I want you with me and I want you to understand more of my world.” He gave me a hug.

“You will also have tickets for the plane and keys to a car you can drive to the airport. It is a new car that Rasmus has been so gracious to lend me until I get my own. Please handle it with care. I`m told that you have to use a very light foot.” I got one of his wide smiles. He was obviously pleased with the car.

“I can drive my Polo, Erik. It`s a fine car. And how do I know when to leave?”

Erik laughed out loud. “I am not having you drive a Polo when you can drive a Koenigsegg. And you will be woken up in time for you to get ready to leave. Everything is taken care of.”

“Hey, back up here. My Polo is not good enough because I`m driving a what….?” I had never heard of any cars called Koenigsegg.

“It is the state of the art car. Much better than any Corvette, Lamborghini, Ferrari or…” I broke him off.

“It`s a sports car?” My mouth was open.

“It`s an `exclusive super sports car for a select elite of enthusiasts` or at least that`s what they say on their homepage. It`s Swedish.” He said as if that was going to convince me. As much as I like Swedish cars like Volvo and Saab, I was not driving a Swedish sports car.

“Forget it Erik. I am not a `select elite of enthusiasts`” I made quote-signs with my fingers.” And I am not driving a car like that. I am taking my Polo to the airport and that`s the end of that story.”

Erik rolled his eyes. “You are impossible, woman. I buy you the best ring money can buy and get you the finest car to drive in and you say no.” He sighed. Then he got the face of a kid who was planning his next apple-raid in the neighbor`s garden.

“You were in control before, Sookie. Now I think you need to let go. You know, the highest form of power is when you dare hand it over to someone else”. His fangs ran down. Are you strong enough to hand over your control to me?”

I know a double-dare when I hear one and got curious.

“Ok, Erik. You call the shots now.” I said looking him in the eyes. “What do you want me to do?”


This was going to be good. I was not going to hurt Sookie, of course. Not even slap her like she slapped me. I had other plans.

“I want you to stand on the floor.” I paused. “And I`m going to blindfold you.” Sookie gasped a little, but got out to stand on the floor.

I went to pick up my bow tie. Luckily it was a long one. It would have to be to fit my neck. I tied it around Sookie`s head, covering her eyes, and could feel that she was a little nervous, but that she was working hard at suppressing it.

“I`m not going to hurt you, Sookie.” I whispered in her ear and heard her exhale. Was she really afraid of me?


It wasn`t that I was afraid of Erik. Not really, at least. He might be a vampire and he might have tried to turn me very early on, but after that he had given me no reason not to trust him. It was just that I really didn`t trust anyone enough to stand blindfolded in a room.

I forced myself to relax. I listened to hear what Erik had planned, but he was of course dead silent. Pun intended. Then I felt the zipper of my dress being moved down. I had lips on my shoulders and back as they were revealed.

My dress was being pulled over my shoulders and Erik`s hands followed it, only to stop at my breasts. They got his attention while his lips were on my neck. I moaned loudly. I tried to move my hair away to give him easier access, but Erik just whispered “no” and my hands fell down to my sides again.

Erik`s hands moved back to open my bra and I was naked, my dress and bra in a pile on the floor. My grandmother mentally slapped me for not hanging up such a nice dress on a hanger, but I guess it was already a bit wrinkled from the bed-gymnastics I had put it through.

Erik`s kisses went down my spine to my behind where he kissed both cheeks thoroughly. Before I started getting nervous about his plans for my butt, I felt him in front of me. Vampire speed has its advantages.

He apparently stood up because he was now kissing my neck, just under my ear. Suddenly, I felt his arms under my knees and on my back and I was lifted up and placed on the bed. To be lifted up without being able to see anything is a very strange feeling, so I was glad to have the mattress under me.

I was now filled with joy and anticipation, not anxiety.


I planned on kissing every inch of her body. I sucked her toes and fingers. I licked the back of her knees and elbows. I nibbled on the inside of her thighs and upper arms. I was everywhere, rubbing my body on her, running my hands over her, massaging her, blowing my cool breath on her. I was everywhere, but her breasts and her core.

Sookie moaned and her body moved to be close to all my kisses and touches. I could hear, feel and smell her lust. Soon I could also feel her impatience.

“Eriiiiik!” She moaned loudly.

“Yes, my Lover?” I answered innocently. She didn`t say anything, but a loud “arrrgh” escaped her mouth when I moved my hands up the inside of her thighs – and then jumped to her stomach.

When I could feel her being on the edge of explosion, I let my tongue go straight for her core and my hands to each of her breasts. That gave me the most wonderful reaction from Sookie. She came almost immediately and I worked her further up on her orgasm, building stone by stone. This would be on the fine line to unbearable for Sookie, but I kept her on the right side.

Sookie was a sight in all her exaltation and I had to contain myself from just plunging into her. I wanted her to have another orgasm first.

When my tongue had built her up to a state where she could hardly lie still, I let one of my hands take over, working her even further towards the edge while my mouth sought out the lovely vein that was pulsing in her thigh.

I licked her thigh and then I bit down. This pushed her into a tale-telling reaction involving both sound and movement. She was shaking fiercely and almost pulled me with her into her state of enjoyment.

I let her find her breath again before I situated myself at her entrance and before I knew it she had her legs around my waist and I was working my hips in a slow tempo. I pulled off Sookie`s blindfold and whispered.

“I really prefer to see your eyes when you come:”

Licking her ear, I changed my tempo. Slow was not what I wanted now.

Sookie pulled my head in for a deep kiss. Apparently she was not letting go of all control, but I wasn`t complaining. She could pull me in for a kiss any day. Or rather, any night.

When Sookie`s breath got shorter and our bond told me she was close, I changed positions just a little and looked her in the eyes. They grew wider and her pupils went into pinpoint mode.

The deep moan that started far down in Sookie`s lungs, made my orgasm roll from my toes and all the way up like a tsunami. I let out a loud growl with Sookie`s scream.

Rasmus would be pleased now. Not one ear in the whole castle of Rosenborg could escape our sounds of pleasure. At least not any vampire ones.

I collapsed on top of Sookie and we rode off the last twitches and little shakes together.

After a while, I laid on my side next to Sookie.

“Letting go is not always a bad thing. It can lead to good when you let other people take control from time to time.” I said with a kiss.

“I know, Erik. But I`m not really a `letting go`-person. If you had met me ten years ago, I would have stormed out on you a dozen times already. And I would never have accepted a marriage so quickly. Actually I`m amazed I`m still here. It must be your hypnotic kiss.” She said with a teasing smile.

“I`ll remember to kiss you more often when I want you to do something for me, then.” I laughed. “I am glad that I met the more mature Sookie, though. You would not have been in bed with me now if you had run out on me. And that would have been unbearable.” I said and when I thought it over, I came to realize that I meant it from my undead heart. After having known Sookie for this short time, it would already be unbearable not to have her in my life and in my bed.

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