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Every time Erik and I had had sex, it had been the best sex I`d ever had, but this was off the scale. I went into ragdoll-mode, my head on Eric`s shoulder. There was such an amazing amount of satisfaction in my body and I couldn`t use power on holding my head high. I had never felt emotions this strong before.

I was getting sleepy and Erik carried me to the bed. He snuggled in behind me and when I was just dozing off, he whispered:

“I`m going to retrieve some new underwear for you, since I got a little eager with the ones you were wearing. I am also going to look for some fresh clothes for you to wear tomorrow. Sleep tight, my bonded, I`ll be right back.” He kissed my ear gently, got dressed and then he was off.

I bought a ticket to the fast train to Dreamland. When I arrived at the station a familiar person waited for me.


I felt bad seeing him there because I had committed myself to a new person – not even a human being, but a vampire.

I started to cry in my dream and I may have cried in the pillow too. I asked for his forgiveness, but he pulled his arms around my shoulders, gave me a good hug and said:

“Sookie, I just want you to be happy. If you are happy with Erik, then I`m happy for you.”

I cried even more and told him that I`d missed him so much.

“I know, Sookie. But you`ll be fine. You know that.”

It was a sweet dream. I hadn`t dreamt about Sam in a long time and here he was, supporting me in a choice I wasn`t too sure about myself.

I gave him a good hug and he waved goodbye to me. Suddenly I woke up feeling very horny. My dream wasn`t a sex dream at all, so it made me a bit confused. Then I felt someone kissing my foot and I couldn`t help moaning.


I had just retrieved a clean change of clothes and a few necessities for both Sookie and me when I felt a sadness coming through the bond. Rasmus had wanted to chat more with me, but I cut him off and ran to the room where Sookie slept.

Just when I reached for the door, I felt happiness through the bond. I realized that Sookie was dreaming and snuck into the room.

The sight that met me was very close to the sight that had met me earlier in the evening at Sookie`s place in Næstved. She was on her stomach, uncovered and with her lovely, blond hair hiding her face and most of her pillow.

In Næstved, I had to wake her up and never got to enjoy the sight very much, but now I just stared. I didn`t have very much time because the sun would be up soon, but thanks to the long winter nights in Denmark, I would still have an hour or so.

Sookie was probably exhausted. She had been up all night, we had bonded, had sex on more than one occasion and it was probably also tiresome for her to deal with vampire politics. All in all, I should just leave her alone and let her sleep.

I took off my clothes, stood by the foot of the bed and took in the sight before me. What a woman!

I was at full mast and was just considering what to do with all my horniness when I felt her heartbeat and breathing change. She was waking up.

I kissed her foot. Her sweet foot. I felt a wave of lust coming from her and took a deep and unnecessary breath. I wanted to save all sounds, smells, sights and touches tonight. I wanted to lick her and fuck her and rub myself all over her.

Sookie spread her legs and motioned with her foot for me to come closer. She would never have to ask me twice and I lay down between her legs, with my face in the height of her glorious behind. I started kissing her butt cheeks while my hand snuck around to her stomach and trailed its way down.

Her legs spread even further and I let my fingers rub her the way that got me all the sweet moaning sounds. Lust was going in waves between us and I had a hard time containing myself.

I kissed my way up to the small of her back and let my other hand sneak its way to her round breast. She took in a sharp breath as my fingers on one hand had her nipple and pinched just a little while one of my fingers on the other hand entered her and my thumb kept making the circles I knew she liked.

I sent her all my passion through the bond and was rewarded with a deep “OOOOOOHHHHH”. Her body tensed and then she had shivers through her body.

I wanted to give her some minutes to recover, but she grabbed the arm leading to the hand I had on her breast and used it as leverage to hoist herself up. I grabbed her hips with the other hand and helped her up on her hands and knees.

“I want you inside of me now, Erik!” She whispered and I obeyed her wishes.

My hands had grabbed a breast each and I was kissing her shoulders and neck, moving my hips slowly back and forth.

“Faster, Erik, harder!” She almost whispered, but her orders were clear.

I held on to her hips and slammed into her again and again. It took all my restraint, a restraint I almost didn`t have, not to go too fast or too hard.

When I felt she was close to her orgasm, I pulled her up to me so that we were both on our knees only. I kept slamming into her, only now I was reaching her G-spot that much better, and I bit down on her shoulder. She screamed my name out loud. I`m sure the whole castle could hear her and I didn`t mind at all.

The wave of her orgasm, combined with the taste of her sweet blood, knocked me over, mentally and literally speaking. I roared out my orgasm loud, bucked a few times and fell down on the bed, pulling Sookie with me. I managed to turn us when we were going down. I didn`t want to land on her with the full weight of my body.

I spooned her, licking the wound on her shoulder and holding on to her breasts. I could go to my vampire sleep like this.

I was contemplating everything these last days had brought me, all the fun and joy so very different from the pain and suffering I had left in Louisiana, when I felt sorrow coming from Sookie.

Sorrow is not a feeling you want from your partner after earth-moving sex, but Sookie did carry pain inside her. As did I. I wanted to take away her pain as she had relieved me of mine.


I was thinking about Sam again. You really don`t want to think about your late husband when you have just had mindblowing sex with your … mmm … what would I call Erik? My bonded? That would go well among vampires, but I couldn`t imagine introducing him as `my bonded` to Jason or any of my friends.

Sam had been in my dreams and then I had had sex with Erik in the one position Sam had always refused to have sex in. I suppose it reminded him too much of his furry alter ego. I could understand that, but I had always had secret dreams of being taken in what some referred to as the doggy position. Yeah, I could see why Sam never wanted to have sex with me like that.

I thought about the dream. I have never been one to watch all the shows about haunted houses or dead people speaking to us. I never watched `Ghost Whisperer` or any of the zillion other series about dead people.

I knew Sam hadn`t come back to give me some secret messages from `the other side`. It had probably been my subconscious that knew I needed the OK from Sam before I could really accept Erik. And my subconscious wasn`t stupid. The dream had done its job. I snuggled up against the vampire behind me.

It was painful to say a final goodbye to Sam, even if it was only a dream, and I could feel the sorrow wash through my body. I even had a tear trailing its way down my cheek.

Then I felt comfort. It was a strange feeling because it seemed to come from outside of me, but it did help me overcome the sorrow.

Erik kissed my neck and hummed a little in my ear. It sounded like a lullaby and a big wave of calm and peace came to me. I couldn`t believe how a simple lullaby could do that kind of job. Erik`s lullaby should be sold to people with deep depressions. Imagine how it could reduce the intake of addictive medicine.

Then I realized that it wasn`t just the lullaby that had calmed me. It was something else. It was emotions from Erik I was feeling. He was sending me calm and peace.

I sat up in bed.

“Erik, what are you doing?”

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