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I would never be comfortable flying `Air Erik`. His kissing me helped immensely, though. I pulled my legs up around his hips, but immediately regretted when we lost altitude dramatically. Luckily Erik realized what was happening and got us back up in the air again.

Soon we were at the house and Erik had ground under his feet. I kept my legs where they were and Erik cupped my behind with his large hands. His hands felt like they were made just for the purpose of holding me.

Our kissing got more intense and how I retrieved the door keys, I don`t know. Somehow we got the door open and us inside. I was ready to have sex up against the wall, on the floor or on the kitchen table. Oh, never mind about the kitchen table.

The vampire who had let his wrath destroy my kitchen table, said no to rough sex in the kitchen.

“I want us in the bed, Sookie.” He whispered.

He carried me to my soft bed, laid me down and removed both his and my clothes without breaking the kiss, which was quite an accomplishment.

We lay on our sides, facing each other and Erik kissed me so gently, it felt like we were going to make love for the very first time. He trailed his kisses down my jaw and neck to my breast, still very softly. His tongue darted out and gave my nipple little licks.

Erik`s hands hadn`t left my behind, apart from when he undressed us. They now pushed my thighs up to his waist. He shifted a little so that one of my thighs could lie under him.

I figured he would enter me and was almost disappointed when it didn`t happen. Replacement came immediately when his hand trailed down between us and found me wet and ready. I moaned at his first touch and couldn`t help moving against his hand.

Soon my hand found his… what did he call it? Gracious plenty. I smiled at the thought and wrapped my hands around it. He certainly was huge and I was turned on by how he was throbbing in my hand. I moved my hand up and down in the rhythm Erik used on me.

Soon I had no thoughts on throbbings, rhythms or anything but all the heat overwhelming me. I yelled out in my orgasm.

“Bite me, Erik.”

He bit down just above my nipple and I had no way of controlling my body. I was shaking while screaming out my pleasure.

When I came to, there was only one thing I wanted and that was to have Erik inside me.

Erik had both his hands on my behind and moved us deliciously closer to one another while kissing me deeply.

I am never going to be able to describe the feeling when Erik enters me, but I think Erik knew. I moaned loudly and was in tears when he was deep inside me. And those were not tears of sorrow or pain. Those were tears of pure joy.


I licked her tears and kissed her face.

This position was perfect for having sex with Sookie. You get intimacy and closeness and that was exactly what I wanted with Sookie right now. She had opened up and even revealed her biggest secret. I realized that there was so much more to know about her and I just wanted to crawl inside and look around. Making love like this was the closest I could get.

I pulled my arms under her thighs and got a good grip on her butt. She had the most exquisite butt. It fit my hands like a glove. Or maybe my hands fit her butt like a glove.

Slowly I pushed myself into her and withdrew just as slowly. I enjoyed the sensation of her hot wetness, her kissing and her fingers on my neck, weaving themselves into my hair. I listened for her racing heartbeat, her blood pumping in her veins, her breathing going at the rhythm of my pushing.

I pulled a little back from our kiss to look her deep in the eyes. I wanted to see her reaction when I pushed harder and deeper and I was not disappointed. Her eyes widened and her deep moan went right down in my groin and made me push even harder.

Soon, I couldn`t help myself. I wanted to go slowly, but that was not an option for me anymore. She didn`t seem to mind, exactly, and helped increasing the rhythm with her calves and ankles around my waist.

Her little yelps of my name drove me closer, but she was the one to jump ship first. I bit down in her neck just as she came and she screamed in ecstasy.

I pounded harder and just as I was going to claim her as mine, she cupped my face, looked me deep in the eyes and whispered:

“I`m yours, Erik.”

That drove me into the most pleasurable orgasm I could ever remember having. I shivered all over and felt pure happiness for a moment.


This was a night when I went out of character. I had volunteered to have a serious talk, I had told someone, well, not `someone`, but the hot vampire I was feeling this intense closeness to just now that I was a telepath, and I declared that I was his.

What can I say? It felt right in the moment. And seeing his intense reaction made it worth it. I didn`t have any idea what it meant to `be his`, but I could certainly see that it meant a lot to him.

He stayed inside me and kissed me gently whispering: “Sookie, Sookie, Sookie.”

We lay in almost the same position for quite some time. Then I had to ask.

“What does this `mine`-thing mean?”

He gave me a deep kiss. “Oh, Sookie. That was the most beautiful thing you could have said to me.” He shuddered a little, pulled himself out of me and moved me over to lie with my head on his chest. I let my hand play with the blond hair there.

“Well, I wanted to say something meaningful to you, but I still don`t know what it means.” I kissed his nipple.

“Among vampires it means that no one else can feed from you.” He let his hand trail down my back.

“OK, that shouldn`t be a problem. It isn`t as if I`m the local vampire-diner anyway. You are the first vampire I`ve ever been with.” I looked up into his face.

“And the last,” he said with certainty.


I couldn`t believe she declared herself mine. I could lie like this the whole night, just replaying her declaration in my head. Unfortunately my phone had been ringing since we got home and it probably is important when someone calls you every five minutes for an hour.

Sookie couldn`t hear the phone, fortunately, because she would probably had answered it. I`m not that dutiful. If I`m having sex with my lover, I don`t care who`s calling.

Sookie was dosing off and I gently slid out of her embrace and took the phone in the other room. It was Rasmus. I talked to him for a few minutes and cursed inside. What he wanted from me, was not what I wanted for the remainder of the evening.

Very gently I opened the door to the bedroom again, only to find Sookie sleeping on her stomach. She looked so beautiful with her hair sprayed all over her pillow and her curves making a small rollercoaster in the bed.

I wanted nothing more than to slide down and take her, but I had to wake her in a much more unfulfilling way. I pulled some strands of hair behind her ears and kissed her on the cheek.

“Sookie, we have to visit the queen.” I whispered.

“Shit!” was all she answered and before I could give her a kiss, she was in the shower.

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