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So half of you wanted Sookie to yield NOW and the other half wanted it all to grow slowly. One even changed her mind and sent me a lovely PM about it.

And on that note – I love your reviews and PMs. So many sweet and amusing people are reading this story and that makes me smile. I love meeting new people, even when it`s only through a few words online.

Rascalthemutant from the Alexander Skarsgård Library Forum is my savior and I can`t thank her enough. Now would someone give her a job soon (preferably one with short hours so she can still correct all my mistakes – that`s almost a full time job in itself)!

We showered and went to get dressed. Pam wanted to take me out on a girls` night out and I looked forward to that. I actually went to some length to look presentable for the Oslo night life. I wore a blue dress that matched my eyes perfectly and it hugged my curves without laying it all out on display. I also brought a dark blue wrap as I didn`t really know how cold the Oslo night would be.

Pam took me to the street of Rosencrantzgaten where apparently all discos and clubs in Oslo were situated.

“We`ll just start out at one end and finish at the other.” Pam stated.

“Can`t we just pick one and stay there?” I said looking at all the long lines outside the various clubs. It was Monday night and still the city was boiling. Literally too, since the sun was still up and it was hot. Everyone was wearing next to nothing.

“Don`t worry, Sooks. I`ll get us in anywhere.” And she did.

The first place we got to was extremely crowded so Pam just turned in the door and pulled me out and into the next place where we could actually secure ourselves a table. I noticed the club filled up fast after we had arrived and several people were discreetly pointing in Pam`s direction and I could see their lips go “Pam”. So Pam was either a local celebrity or she frequented this place a lot making her name known. Or both.

I didn`t recognize the music, but it was fast and loud and I could feel my feet starting to move almost by themselves. I couldn`t carry a tune if it could save my life, but I could dance like nobody`s business.

Pam saw me tapping away with my feet and pulled me out on the dance floor. We danced and we gyrated. We moved with each other`s rhythm and had a great time. A crowd had started to gather around us to cheer at our dancing. It only spurred us on and made us dance even closer, even sexier.

A parting of the bodies crowding the little dance floor gave me a glimpse of Eric, leaning against the wall behind the small stage. His eyes were on me, and they were full of heat.

“What the hell is Eric doing here?” I yelled to Pam through the music, but when I looked back, he was gone. Had I been mistaken? There were plenty of tall, blond men here and the one I took for Eric was wearing a suit and glasses. I shook my head as Eric had never worn glasses.

Pam just smiled and pulled be back to our table. In our absence a couple had taken the two chairs not occupied by Pam and me. Pam looked a bit annoyed until she got a closer look at the female part of the couple. The guy nodded to us. He started saying something in Norwegian, but switched to English when he realized that I hadn`t grown up on cod and salmon.

“Hi there, hope you don`t mind us sitting here. I`m Alcide and this is Debbie.” He pointed at the foxy girl sitting next to him. She was tall and had gleaming short black hair, cut in asymmetrical clumps. She was athletic built and had a long, narrow face. In short – she was my complete opposite.

“Oh, how could I mind having a sexy girl almost in my lap?” Pam said in her sexiest voice.

I rolled my eyes. Pam and Eric were apparently two chips off the same block. Debbie smiled nervously while Alcide moved closer to me.

“What is a Southern beauty like you doing in this corner of the world?” He whispered in my ear. I couldn`t help laughing a little because his question almost sounded like the old `What`s a nice girl like you doing in a dump like this`-routine.

“Long story.”

“I have all the time in the world.”

Alcide may have had some lame pick-up lines, but he seemed like a nice guy. Dark, muscular and with a warm smile. I couldn`t help laugh at his jokes or melt at his heavy Norwegian accent. According to Norwegians there was no difference between `V` and `W` and hearing him talking about being `wery warm` was just too sweet. In short – I was charmed by Alcide. The gin and tonics he kept feeding me might have helped me along.

Debbie was also warming up to Pam, but still kept a close eye on any action between me and her friend. As I wasn`t sure of the situation between Alcide and Debbie, I kept some distance. And since I wanted to be able to get some work done the next morning, I started to say my goodbyes after the third glass of gin and tonic was empty. Alcide started to get up so I made a pretty quick exit to avoid having him escort me home, but when I was out in the street, I realized I had forgotten my wrap inside. It was a warm night so I figured I would rather call the club the next day and ask if they had found my wrap than go back and give Alcide another chance at seeing me “safely” home.

I was half-way up Karl Johan, the main street going all the way up to the castle, when I felt a warm arm around my shoulders.

“You look cold, elsker,” a familiar voice said. I looked up to see that Eric was indeed wearing glasses tonight. He was also wearing a suit. When he saw me noticing his clothes, he withdrew a little from me, held out his jacket and said,

“Do you like the suit?”

“Sure,” I said. I have limited knowledge of men’s clothes, but I was willing to bet this sort of olive-brown three-piece ensemble had cost more than I made in two weeks. Or four. I might not have picked this out for a guy with blue eyes, but I had to admit he looked spectacular. If they put out a Norwegian issue of GQ, he’d definitely be in the running for a photo shoot. “Who did your hair?” I asked, noticing for the first time that it had been braided in an intricate pattern.

“Oooh, jealous?”

“No, I thought maybe they could teach me how to do that to mine.”

Eric laughed and pulled me close to him again. I told myself that I enjoyed his embrace because I was cold, but that was far from the truth. The night was warm and so was I. We walked through the park surrounding the royal castle and were home in no time.

“You are quite the dancer, Sookie, but why spend an entire evening with a loser when you can spend it with me?”

“I`ll be sure to tell Pam that you are calling her a loser.” I stuck out my tongue at Eric and in the exact same moment my tongue was out my mouth, he had it in his. He kissed me with an intensity that took my breath away.

When I broke the kiss to catch my breath, Eric whispered “Yield to me, Sookie,” in my ear. I couldn`t help laughing.

“What do you mean `yield to me`? This is the second time you`ve said it.”

“You yourself said that I needed a gag-line and I decided I would say `yield to me` until you actually do.”

“What?” I stared at him, then I burst out in laughter. Eric laughed too.

“You can`t accuse me of not taking your advice. And one day you`ll take my advice too and yield to me. I promise you that you`ll never regret it.” He winked at me.

“Do you think I can officially dump my old boyfriend before that happens? Not that I`m saying it would even happen then.”

“All the more reason to find Bill as fast as possible.” Eric kissed my forehead and left me in the corridor. In the doorway of his bedroom he turned around and blew me a kiss.

“You are welcome to come snuggle with me tomorrow morning. You don`t even have to bring me coffee.” And with that he was gone. For exits, this was a great one.

I should have screamed at him or at least told him how nuts it was to creep up in the bed of a semi-stranger. But I didn`t.


This chapter was a bit short. Sorry!

I hope you still liked it – and the Norwegian Eric 😀

BTW. I notice that fanfic is acting up – chapters and whole stories go missing. I sincerely hope you can read this chapter!

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