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I am SOOOO exited right now. My very first short story, Cosplay: a Scandinavian Romance, just went live for pre-order on Amazon!

Cover of the book Cosplay: A Scandinavian Romance by Thyra Dane
Cover of the book Cosplay: A Scandinavian Romance by Thyra Dane

This story was part of the anthology Love in Bloom which was a project to raise money for breast cancer research. Now the anthology project is over and my story is live for pre-order.

I’m also a part of another anthology project. Check out my Viking romance in Kissing and Other Scandalous Pastimes.

Mistaken identity

Cosplay: A Scandinavian Romance is a romantic comedy about two people who are friends online. But online friends are not always what they seem.

Charlotte has one close friend. Unfortunately, that close friend lives in Norway, and Charlotte has never seen her before. A cosplay convention in Oslo is Charlotte’s chance at finally meeting her online BFF, but when the masks come off, Charlotte is in for a big surprise.

Cosplay: A Scandinavian Romance

Cosplay: A Scandinavian Romance is up for pre-order now and will be live on the 29th of February.

Order your copy of Cosplay: A Scandinavian Romance today!

3 thoughts on “My Scandinavian Romance is up for pre-order!

  1. Joona Vainio says:

    Sunds fun. I’d say I have “cosplayed” in my relationshipspretty much. Only those I really love, I show the “real” myself. Might sound like cheating, but I have never cheated and never will.

    I am single now, so… Let the game begin.

    1. Thyra Dane says:

      Hehe, cosplaying and roleplaying aren’t exactly the same, but both can definitely be fun. I’m more amazed with cosplaying, though. Some of the costumes are SO incredible!

  2. Joona Vainio says:

    Weell, I meant if we wear costumes we also play the “roles”. Call it sex LARP if you will 🙂 If one wears a cop costume, one also acts like a cop “apprehending” a perp, who is trying to bribe one’s way out.

    Unfortunately my all time favourite Iron Man is a pretty impractical costume…

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