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I`m not sure how awake I was when I moved his hand from my stomach to my breast. It just felt like the right thing to do at the moment.

That certainly stirred something in the huge Viking vampire I had behind me. He moaned into my neck and started kissing me at the most sensitive places there.

Some people might object to being awakened from their sleep to have sex, but it has it`s advantages. You are not as tired as earlier in the night, your body is less tense from the wear and tear of the day – and your mind is so drowsy it doesn`t try to stop your body from doing what your body wants to do.

Apparently my body wanted to grind against Erik. Erik mirrored my moves and snuck his other arm under my body and drew me even closer. He kept kissing my neck and my shoulder while making his one hand caress my breast and the other one go down my stomach and to my pantyline. It snuck into my panties and made some heavenly moves.

I could have stayed like this all night if it hadn`t been for me wanting to kiss Eric. I turned around in his arms and let him pull me close to him. I went in for the kiss. He pulled my head towards his, and our mouths met.

His hands were everywhere and he pushed me a little to make me lie on my back. This way he once more gained access to whatever my panties were hiding.

I felt bold all of a sudden and let my hand wander down his stomach to whatever his underwear would have been hiding, had he worn any. I gripped at his length – and it certainly was a length.

Uha. Jubii. Nam.

How was he ever going to fit in me? I was more thrilled than worried. As I said, my brain was still half asleep.

He moaned as I let my hand pleasure him. I moaned as he let his hand pleasure me.

His first words to me after I came to the house were: “You seem a little overdressed for the occasion, Lover.” In one move he had his legs between my thighs and his hands and mouth all over my body. He was southbound in his kisses. I felt my panties being slowly removed and he started kissing the area the panties were hiding.

If he was a great kisser on my mouth, it was nothing to how his mouth treated my core. He licked and sucked and I was in pure heaven. I could feel my climax build and closed my eyes.

“Look at me, Lover”

I opened my eyes. The room was only lit by the street lights, but I could still see his blue eyes – and I got lost in them. He started to use his fingers in a way that made me moan loudly. I felt a wave starting to roll over my body. Erik had moved his mouth to my thigh and looked at me with question signs in his eyes. In my ecstasy-building state, I couldn`t possibly think of a question being relevant now and then I remembered that he was a vampire. He was asking for my blood.

“Just bite me, Erik.” I said reassuringly. And he bit.

That made the pleasure-wave roll all the way from my toes to my head and back again. I`m sure I made some loud noises, but I would not have been able to repeat them if my life depended on it. I felt my hair stand out from my head and I had goose bumps all over my body.

Erik came up to give me a kiss. His kiss tasted of my fluids mixed with my blood. I grabbed his head and curled my fingers in his hair. He situated himself at my entrance and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He lift his head and our eyes locked when he entered me in one long, slow thrust. We both let out an animalistic growl, our chests in resonance with each other.

We were still for some moments, just feeling him pulsate in me and me vibrating around him. Then he started thrusting, first slowly and then faster and harder, all the time looking me deep in the eyes. I felt as if he was staring at my soul.

Suddenly, I felt a soft prickly feeling on the skin between my mouth and my nose. It spread to most parts of my face and I couldn`t hold back anymore. My climax came with a power I had never felt before. I screamed for Eric, I wanted him to join me in this extreme pleasure, and he wasn`t far behind. He yelled something in a language I`m sure professors of Old Danish would love to hear. He pushed one last time and stiffened in his movements, then relaxed and landed on top of me. It felt perfect to have him so close to me, to have him cover my body totally.

I trembled all over and Eric had some shivers going down his spine. He stayed inside of me and started to whisper against my neck.

“Oh Sookie, you are mine, you are my Sookie.”

Then he kissed me again. He kissed my eyelids, my nose, my cheeks, my chin and my forehead.

“My Sookie.”

I wasn`t entirely sure how I felt about the personal pronoun, but I wasn`t really in a state where I could argue. I doubt if my tongue would function.

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