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Dead in Denmark

Chapter 4

From Chapter 3:

I immediately reacted. Her blood earlier this evening and her body being so close to me made my fangs come down. I couldn`t understand why she would take us way out in a forest to make out when she had soft beds and heated rooms in her home, but who was I to complain? I suddenly realized that I wanted this woman. And I realized that I hadn`t had sex or significant amounts of human blood in weeks.

I felt a familiar stirring in my pants and leaned down to kiss her, when she said “Could you fly us over this wall, please? There is something on the other side I want to show you and it`s only open in the summer so we have to sneak in instead”.

That was a cold shower, if there ever was one.


The other times I had visited Middelaldercenteret, I had gone through the gates, so I wasn`t really sure where we would land. I was a bit disappointed when we set foot in the kids` playground next to the closed hot dog stand. Erik looked at me with wonder, and maybe something else. His blue eyes were dark.

“This hot dog stand and playground are just terrible. They destroy the whole thing. Everything else in this Medieval-center is build like it was back then and then they had to put a hot dog stand here”. I sighed.

“In that building,” I pointed to a white building to our left, “there`s a restaurant where you only get the kind of food they ate in medieval times. No potatoes, no corn and no Californian wine.” I tried to smile at my own little joke, lame as it was. “But that was not what I wanted to show you.”

I took his hand. I`m not sure why, I just did. The moon wasn`t full now, but it lit the place up enough for me to find the path leading to what I really wanted to Erik to see.

“Come on,” I said, to make him walk a bit faster. He was dragging his feet. I, on the other hand, acted like a little child on my way to Tivoli. I almost jumped up and down in excitement.

Just a few meters more and we came to a clearing. It was dark, but one could still see the beautiful medieval village, the little harbor and the boats lying there. I knew the whole village had been built in my lifetime as a living museum, but I still felt transported back in time.

“In the summer, they have people living here, pretending to be medieval. You can talk to them, but they will look at you with wonder if you ask them about Britney Spears or a Wii.” I turned around.

“And over there behind the bushes, they have a knights`-tournament a couple of times every week in the summer. It`s great fun. There are four knights and you pick one of them and sit in his corner , cheer for him and boo at the others. It`s a great show where the audience are part of the whole thing with their cheering and shouting.” I smiled, thinking back to all the times I had watched the tournament. Those were happy memories.

“I`m always on Henrik Swane`s team” I laughed.

Now Erik laughed too. “Oh, so you prefer cowards?” He laughed even harder. “Henrik Swane was the biggest coward in three counties, you know?”

If my grandmother had seen my face now she would have told me to close my mouth before I caught any flies. I just stared at Erik.

“Did you know Henrik Swane? Did you live here when he did?” I asked not really sure if Henrik Swane was a historical figure or just someone they had made up for the knights` tournament.

“I lived here when the villages looked like this, yes” he said waving his arms at all the old buildings. “And I knew Henrik Swane. Even his blood tasted like chicken.”

He looked around and took the place in. He smiled his crooked smile.

“I hadn`t expected to go that far back to my roots when I came to Denmark,” he said.

I smiled. “That was the reason I wanted you to see this. I wasn`t sure you lived in Denmark in the time and age this center is portraying (liar, liar, pants on fire), but from the way you speak Danish, I figured you had lived in Denmark centuries ago and I thought this could be a trip down memory lane for you”.

He was quiet for some time and we walked towards a large meadow with a huge trebuchet on top of a small hill. I could see recognition in his eyes. They almost glowed. Apparently heavy weaponry was closer to his heart than quaint little villages.

“You know, vampires usually don`t like those memory trips you humans seem to enjoy so much. Our memory lane is an 8 lane highway with all the stuff we have seen and lived through. But this was actually very nice. And I thank you for showing it to me”.

He leaned down and gave me a butterfly of a kiss on my lips. I blushed.

Why did I blush?


Was I getting sentimental? I liked walking around in a village that was so familiar and still so far back in history. I liked it. I shook my head.

And seeing the trebuchet really stirred my emotions. I remembered the wars, the fights, the blood flowing in the streets. War among humans is godsend to vampires. So much blood is wasted in wars. Some of it might just as well come to use and I was always in the front row.

I remembered all the wars, the piracy, the sieges, the fights. Those were good times. Those were times I felt alive.

I looked down at Sookie and said, “Thank you for showing me this”. I even gave her a kiss. To my surprise, she blushed. I liked that and gave her my warmest smile. Then, I kissed her again.

This time, it was a real kiss. I have kissed a few women through my over 1000 years on this planet and I have never had any complaints. I licked her lips to gain access to her beautiful mouth. When my tongue was allowed entrance, a small moan escaped her lips.

That moan was like a green light for me. I had my arms all over her, searching for all her warm, little secrets. Her body was soft and curvy. Her breasts were just the right size for my huge hands. She trembled a little when I lightly kneaded one breast while cupping her butt.

She had both her hands around my neck, and her fingers in my hair. I love the feel of women`s fingers running through my hair. This was probably the reason why I grew it so long in the first place. My hair is a magnet to female hands and you won`t hear any complaints from me about that.

I knew it was too cold for outdoor sex. At least, too cold for a human. But I had to try. I wanted her. I quickly bent down and laid her on top of me. She was so warm, so light, on my body. Her breathing sent small shivers down my spine.

I snuck a hand up under her coat and sweater to feel those sweet breasts. Her moans made my trousers way too tight and my fangs were now fully out. She wriggled a little and I wriggled back. Then, I started to move my hips in earnest and was pleased when she mirrored my movements while spreading her legs a little.

I trailed my kisses down her neck as far as her scarf would allow me. I sucked on her earlobe and her hand went from my hair to my chest – and further down. She blushed again.

Then, she suddenly stopped. She stopped the kissing. She stopped the grinding.

“I`m sorry, Erik. We can`t do this.” I must have growled some, because she continued, “at least not here, on the ground, in the cold”.


I got up. What was I thinking? Ten years I`d been a landlady and a shoulder to cry on, of sorts, to vampires and I had never kissed one. I had never even thought of doing it. And it wasn`t for lack of offers, I might add. Of course some of those ten years I had been happily married, but not even after Sam died, had I crossed any lines with my fanged lodgers.

Actually, I hadn`t crossed any lines that many non-fanged men either. It`s not that I`m a prude or anything. I have a sex drive like the next girl. It`s just that when I was younger, I couldn`t control my telepathy. I read way too many thoughts to make me ever want to be intimate with a man. You wouldn`t want to know what goes through a man`s mind when you are kissing him. Honestly, you don`t.

When I met Sam, I realized that his thoughts were a bit harder to read. I got more feelings than thoughts. I also got better at controlling my mind-reading.

After Sam…. well, who was I going to date then? All the weres and shifters still considered me Sam`s and humans turned me off with all their thoughts.

I was attracted to the fact that I couldn`t read vampire minds, but the luggage of politics and rules and pride…. I had never met a vampire that had made me want to look behind all that. Until now.

Why did I go to his room earlier today? Yes, I was saddened by his loss and I felt bad for him, but I had met dozens of vampires who had lost everything but their undead lives. Why did I kiss him and grind myself against him like a bitch in heat? I needed to regain control.

I stood up and brushed off my clothes. Erik stayed on the ground and looked up at me. He looked as if I was a complicated mystery novel and he wanted to find the page where the murderer was reveled.

I plastered my stupid smile on my face, the smile I always use when I`m insecure or when I hear something nasty in peoples` minds. I turned around and started walking.

“If you liked this, you should see the Viking center in Ribe. That would really be something for you!”

I didn`t realize my mistake before he was in front of me in one jump.

“How do you know that a Viking center would be something for me?” He looked me straight in the eyes.



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