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Dead in Denmark:

Write about things you know, right? What do I know about Louisiana? Practically nothing. But, I know Denmark – so I moved Sookie to Nyk√łbing, Denmark. I also made her ten years older because I`m not quite 27 myself ūüėÄ

Riding the Fire Truck:

I was in pain and whined to the girls at the Alexander Skarsgård Library forum. Well, one thing led to another and I ended up with a challenge I couldn`t resist.

Love Train 1979:

When I saw the contest I just had to write a story. Not because I`m very competitive, but because the theme of the contest made me smile. This is a true story.

Highway to Hell:

I was driving on the Italian Autostrada and some idiot kept flashing his lights to get past me even when all the lanes were full. Unfortunately he didn`t drive a red Corvette…

Dead without a Work Permit:

Again I`m writing about a place I know – Oslo, Norway. What if Sookie was tricked into coming to Oslo by a Norwegian Eric? Follows the books.

We`re in the process of making it easier to read here but for now it may be best to read it at

Winter Vampire:

It`s my entry to Eric and the Great Pumpkin Halloween contest. It`s about falling in lust and then falling in love. Eric is a vampire and Sookie a telepath, but vampires are in the coffin.

Mr. Petersen vs. Gracious Plenty

Indigobuni invited us all to learn more about writing smut. I failed miserably when the assignment was to add a certain object to the act. Later I picked up the story I had started for her class and Mr. Petersen vs. Gracious Plenty was the result.

Dead on a Football Field

Felt the need to write something¬†less¬†romantic and lovey dovey. And to channel my inner football fan. It`s the football played with your feet – I just refuse to use the word soccer ūüėõ

Dead with the Vikings

I love the Viking age and I wanted Sookie to see the pre-vampire Eric. What better than to throw her back in time? Alby90 has made this great banner for it:

We`re in the process of making this an easy read here but for now you can read it on 

Le vampire d¬īhiver

I got a PM from the lovely¬†Blue77¬†asking me if I wanted her to translate my fic¬†Winter Vampire¬†into French. I was very flattered by her offer and I also loved the idea that people who don`t speak English very well, could read the fic. I`m afraid I speak about 7 words of French myself so I would never have been able to translate it. Actually I don`t even understand the translation :-/. So thank you very much,¬†Blue77, for doing this. It`s so very sweet of you !! And I smiled when you had problems translating Gracious Plenty. I wouldn`t know what to call it in any of the Scandinavian languages…

Dust Bunnies and Christmas Presents

I wanted to write a story about an older Sookie and a younger Eric. With the Naughty or Nice contest, my chance came. What if a 39 year old Sookie is stuck in cold Scandinavia for Christmas and a 26 year old Eric is there to help? This story won the Naughty and Nice contest and Zigster made a great banner for it:

I`ve later expanded on this story. What happened after Sookie went home?

We`re working on posting this story. For now it may be easier to read at

Carnival is for Scars, Valentines for mending

I love the Danish traditions around Carnival where we hit a barrel filled with candy. When the Alexander Skarsgård Library Forum had a contest about Carnival and Valentines, I entered this story. My story won the contest.

My Ten Dates with Sookie

Miss Construed was very generous at the Support Stacie Auction and she wanted a story about Eric from Stureplan (a club- and party area in Stockholm, Sweden). She had one demand: Eric had to have the orange skin from the spray tan that is so very common on Stureplan. Eric starts out being obnoxious and just wants one thing from Sookie. Soon he needs something else and suggests a bet that may give him both. Only thing is РSookie hates Stureplan and everyone there.

WAGs and Wolves

E-F-M¬†made a very generous contribution to the Support Stacie Auction and she wanted a the missing pages from¬†Dead on a Football Field¬†– the story from when Eric went to England and to when Eric and Sookie got back together again. She wanted the story to include some WAGs (Wifes and Girlfriends – the girls wearing designer clothes, huge sun glasses and full war paint to watch their men play football). Eric of course plays for West Bromwich Albion – which is the team I support in England ūüėÄ

Conduciendo el camión de bomberos

I got a PM from the lovely marian.dark asking me if she could translate Riding the Fire Truck. I was very flattered and also very happy that my story would reach a Spanish speaking audience. I speak about five words of Spanish (cerveza being one of them) so I was thrilled that marian.dark would do this. Please send her some love if you read her translation!

Sigebert and Wybert

This is a story for the Two Wrong Make a Right community. Miss Construed more or less claimed it wasn`t possible to write a hot fic with Sigebert. That was a dare if I ever heard one so I gave him teeth and let him bring his brother. Let`s hear it for the Saxon studs!

Let Women Vote

It was my story for the Age of Eric contest and I`m extremely pleased to say that it won the popular vote. YAY!! It`s about a period in Scandinavian history that has always fascinated me a lot Рthe time when women fought to be allowed to vote. This is the banner, courtesy of Zigster:


Don`t Move, Eric Northman

I complained (I seem to be doing a lot of complaining) to Peppermintyrose about having lost my interest in writing ESN (Eric-Sookie-nookie) because I felt it had all been written a 1000 times before. She suggested I write about Sookie in charge because, as she claimed, there are few stories with a strong Sookie around.

I Shot the Sheriff

When I heard about the I Write the Songs contest I just knew I had to write about Bob Marley`s I Shot the Sheriff, but I didn`t know how. I mean, I didn`t really want to write about shooting and killing Eric Northman. I could have written about when he was shot by Debbie Pelt, but I had nothing to add there, so I made it into a fun story instead. Hurray for paint ball Рwhich is actually a lot of fun.

When I`m 64

We`re all afraid of getting older and some even have the wrong impression that you stop being sexy Рor having sex Рwhen you come to a certain age. When I heard Beatles` When I`m 64 on the radio, I just knew it had to be my second entry to the I Write the Songs contest. This story made it to the final 8.

Your Body is an Amusement Park Too

“Remember, your body is not just a temple. It`s an amusement park too”. That was the¬†weekly one-shot challenge. I made Sookie a struggling cross country skier who works herself too hard. One night she meets Eric who shows her a different way to look at things. Will contain Eric in a tight pink ski suit.

Crossing the Ocean

When the Unsolved Mysteries Contest came up I immediately knew I wanted to write about the Vikings that disappeared from New Foundland and that I wanted to fit Eric into that mystery. But I had to scratch my head for a few months before the story came to me. This story is much sadder than my other stories but then I see Eric`s life as a sad one. This story was Host`s pick and Sarifina and Blackdeadorchids made me this beautiful banner: Mammogram

The Mammogram

I was having my first mammogram a couple of weeks ago and was fascinated with the nurse who was pulling and pushing at my breasts. She reminded me of Pam – the same dry sense of humor. And the story just began spinning in my head. What if Sookie was having her mammogram and Pam was the nurse? Oh, and Eric is there somewhere too, of course. Long hair and all.

Your Blood Sing to Me by Thyra von Thozel

This is a little sample piece – and summer fun only – for the Hans von Hozel Weekly challenge:

The Hans von Hozel challenge is made by Suki59, E-F-M, VicVega66 and yours truly. Peppermintyrose made the hilarious banner:


Check out Hans von Hozel`s stories Рthe inspiration for this challenge.

Mistress Sookie

This story was written for RouxRoux as a Christmas present through the Secret Santa gift swap arranged by Jan of Arc and Blakes Boogie. The story came to life after a discussion about how Sookie is always the submissive in stories that have domination as a theme. I figured Eric needed to try out being the submissive too. He has all these tough decisions to make every day Рmaybe he needed a night where Sookie called the shots? It was written with a smile and a wink but I still don`t recommend it to people who don`t like stories about submission Рor to people who don`t want to see Eric submit to Sookie.

Sookie the Shieldmaiden

I`ve always been fascinated by the female Viking warriors Рthe shieldmaidens. They fought side by side with men and were highly respected Рas women were in the Viking age (at least as long as they kept their old faith). Plenty of women have been buried with swords, though historians of today are not sure if they were used only to defend their home or if these women also went on raids. 
I`ve let Sookie go on raids. She is a true Viking warrior in this tale.

Eric the Viking (or How I Met the Man of my Dreams)

Do you read romance? Well, I do. Lately I`ve been reading tons of it – getting an iPad is dangerous because it`s soooo easy to download more and more of those addictive books. But romances aren`t just addictive. Some of them are annoying and repetitive (and some of them are really good – but they are not the ones I`m referring to in this one-shot). Then I remembered that Sookie also reads romance and this story popped into my head.

Eric the Fanfiction Rapist

After a heated debate about rape in fanfiction I wanted to let Eric have his say. This is my contribution to the¬†Weekly One-Shot Challenge¬†“No means no.”

Norwegian Wood

I was writing an entirely different entry to the I Write the Songs 2012 competition when I heard Norwegian Wood on the radio. The story just jumped into my head and had to be written. Its a sweet little story about Eric who wants to find out what really happened four years ago when he and Sookie made love the first and only time and then everything went bad.

Do you want to read more?

I have written a little one-shot for Rascalthemutant called When Becky met Alex (no prize for guessing which Alex Im referring to). You`ll find it at Alexander Skarsgård Library

I also wrote a little one-shot for AlisonbyNumbers to cheer her up when she was sick: Healing Powers

5 thoughts on “About my Stories

  1. jellibelly says:

    Hello! I am sure this isn’t the first time you have heard this…but are you still writing ff; do you plan to finish Dead Among Friends and Neighbors? Such a great story with so much potential and one of the few post SVM world stories worth reading…many many are all oh so left hanging!! ūüôā

    1. thyra10 says:

      No, I’m sorry. I’ve stopped writing fanfiction because I just don’t have the same relationship to the SVM world anymore. I wish I could finish it but unfortunately I think I would be caught in a ton of mistakes.

  2. jellibelly says:

    Thanks for your response – I understand, though it’s a bummer! I haven’t read the books since the series ended, like many I was turned off by the last few. But I still love the characters and world initially created and even years later come back looking for good ff…the audience is smaller, but I think others feel the same! So I’d have the canon details a little murky – I’m sure many readers would now – all that really matters now I think is to have their “voices” down if you were ever inspired! You wrote all the major characters so well, you’re a fantastic writer! ūüôā

    1. thyra10 says:

      I must admit that I miss the fanfiction days and I miss writing. I also feel bad about leaving a story hanging like that. I just feel I couldn’t do the SVM world justice anymore and I would hate to write a canon story which wasn’t true to SVM.
      But I will give it some extra thought and see if I could come up with some kind of solution. Maybe an A/N that clearly stated that it wasn’t canon anymore or something like that?
      I really appreciate your comments and you’ve given me food for thought. Thank you!

  3. jellibelly says:

    Definitely! If you feel inspired to write them again I think you could totally add a note saying what you just said in a nutshell – it’s been a few years, it may not be as true to canon as it once was, but in keeping with the general spirit of the books and the characters as you know them…here’s the remainder of their story. This story in particular is in a post DEA world so you’re in new territory anyhow! While I personally always like ff that somewhat mirrors canon – with your writing skills and if you were able to get into Eric and Sookie’s heads again and capture their voices – I don’t think not remembering a few canon details would matter and I don’t think anyone would hold you to it. On the contrary, for the (perhaps somewhat smaller) group that still loves this world – it’s super exciting when one of the better writers comes back and finishes a story that was left hanging!!! If I can help, let me know ūüėä

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