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Did I stop the last chapter at an inconvenient time? *bats eyes innocently*

Thank you so much for all of your great reviews. One of you wondered why Sookie would say that she was notin love with Eric when it seems so clear that she is. Well, this is Sookie`s point of view and if she hasn`t acknowledged her feelings, then she won`t proclaim them – even to herself. You readers are of course free to form your own opinions on what Sookie and Eric have deep in their hearts. I know I have 😀

Thank you so much to Rascalthemutant at the Alexander Skarsgård Library Forum for taking her time from making the Library a great place to find AS-related material (and to discuss it), to read and correct this little Norwegian tale.

When we were out of the sauna, he started kissing me.

“You are so hot,” he whispered.

“I just came out of the sauna. Of course I`m hot,” I teased him.

“Oh, so you`re only hot from the sauna, are you?”

I blushed a little. Talking about your alleged hotness when you are naked in the arms of a guy who was incredibly hot even if he hadn`t been to a sauna, was just not that easy.

He pulled me closer and started to kiss the skin on my chest. His lips felt almost cool.

“You are hot.” This time he put pressure on `are` instead of `hot`. I wasn`t sure I liked that.

We were in the living room, but instead of walking towards the bedroom he walked in the other direction. I looked at him and noticed that he was working very hard on killing a smile. Something was fishy here and I knew it wasn`t the prospect of him having sex with me.

I realized what it was when he was at the door to the terrace. Before I could scream or yell he had the door opened and threw himself – and me – out in the cold snow.

The snow hit me with a full shock. It was like all my organs stopped for a second and asked my brain what was going on. The only answer my brain could come up with was to scream and move my arms and legs in all directions.

“What the hell are you doing, Eric?” I yelled, trying to get away from him.

He held me tight while rolling around in the snow with me. Then he stopped when I was on top, and looked at me.

“I`m cooling you down, elsker,” he said as if throwing your potential lover out in the snow was the most natural thing to do. Apparently it was. “If there is snow, we roll in it after a sauna. In the summer we jump in the cold lake. It`s good for the circulation. And your skin was way too hot.”

Then he pulled my head down and kissed me. It was a hot kiss that almost made me forget the surroundings. Almost. Because when I moved my head up again, I had my hand filled with snow and I placed it all on his sweet face.

I quickly, or as quickly as the snow would allow me, got up and tried to make a run for the door. No such luck. I felt a couple of strong hands on my hips, pulling me back in the snow. The owner of those hands laughed very loudly.

“Let me go, Eric. I`m freezing here,” I pleaded, but landed in the soft snow after a little trip through the air.

“Ouch,” I held up my arm. “My arm really hurts. I must have landed on it.”

Eric`s laughter died and he was very quickly by my side. I always thought that cold temperatures would make certain parts of a man`s body run for cover. Eric`s parts were not that smart – he was still very much in the mood.

When he came to me, he bent down and took my arm in his hands. His face had worried lines between his eyebrows and he looked sorry.

Suddenly, using the element of surprise, I yanked his arm and pushed his legs at the same time, making him go face first into the snow. My arm was more than fine, but being a little sister had taught me that faking an injury could make you win over even the strongest guy. In war and love etc.

I quickly ran towards the door and when I was inside, I locked it and made all kinds of faces at the shocked Eric on the outside. Then the snow and freezing temperature outside really crept over me and I went into the sauna again.

After a few minutes, the door to the sauna opened and Eric stood in the doorway, hands on his hips.

“Ooohh, you are in huge trouble now,” he laughed. “I had to walk all the way around the cabin to the main door.”

“Serves you right for throwing me out in the snow. My butt is built for heat, not snow.” I got up and shook my butt at him. I don`t know where that came from because I`m pretty sure I would never have defined myself as a girl who shook my naked butt at people.

“Is that so?”

Before I knew what was happening, my butt was up in the sky and my body was on Eric`s shoulder. No more bridal-style, now I was carried fireman-style. A little less sexy, but with a great view. I gave Eric`s behind a slap.

He carried me out of the sauna and into the living room again. For a short moment, I was afraid I was going to land in the snow once again, but then he pushed the door to my bedroom open and carefully laid me on the bed and himself next to me.

He looked me in the eyes and his hand was on my stomach, his fingers twitching a little bit. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

When he bent over me to kiss me, some snow from his hair landed on my chest. Eric`s mouth changed directions from my mouth to the drop of snow. He took his mouth over it and moved it to my nipple where he let his tongue circle it around in an increasingly melting form. Then he licked it up.

“Didn`t your mother teach you not to eat snow,” I whispered.

Eric chuckled and looked at me.

“Yes, but she also told me to be nice to girls.”

“Nice, huh?”

“Uh huh,” he said, now with my breast in his mouth again. He sucked lightly and let his tongue roll around my nipple.

“Well, my grandmother never taught me to be nice to boys,” I whispered.

Eric looked at me with a wicked smile. “Don`t be nice, then.”

“I won`t,” I said, pulling his head up to mine and giving him a deep kiss while positioning myself under him. I wanted this to happen now. Then I remembered something.

“What about protection?” I asked.

“Oh, I`ll protect you, elsker.”

I looked at him. “No, I mean… we… you need to use a condom.”

Eric lifted his head. “A condom?” he asked, looking very confused. Then it dawned upon me. He had lost his memory of most of his adult life. Of course he wouldn`t remember what a condom was. He probably hadn`t brought any and I certainly hadn`t thought of condoms when I suddenly had to leave for the cabin.

I growled. My body had wanted sex with Eric for a while and only my brain had held me back, but now even my head was frustrated.

Eric pulled back and then I heard a familiar sound of foil being ripped. Eric was pulling on a condom while winking at me.

“I remember some things, it seems,” he smiled.

Suddenly Eric was on top of me, about to enter. I was exhilarated and very ready. I reached between us to put him at just the right spot, rubbing the tip of him over my nub as I did so.

“Min elsker,” he said hoarsely, and pushed.

Though I’d been sure I was prepared, and I ached with wanting him, I cried out with the shock of it. Maybe it was Bill`s rape, maybe it was the size of Eric. I was tense and couldn`t let go. I closed my eyes.

After a moment, Eric said, “Don’t close your eyes. Look at me, elsker.” The way he said “elsker” was like a caress, like he was calling me by a name no other man had ever used before or ever would after.

He pulled out and started kissing my neck, then my breasts and my stomach on his way down. I whimpered, first from the loss of him inside me, then from the knowledge of where he was going.

Soon he had his warm tongue running in a sweet track up and down between my folds and in circles around my nub. I closed my eyes and spread my legs even further. Then he stopped and my eyes flew open and I met his bright blue ones.

“Look at me, elsker. I want to see your eyes.”

I couldn`t deny Eric anything at that moment and we looked each other deep in the eyes while he carried me all the way to the edge – and then pushed me over dramatically. After that I saw nothing but colors flashing. I heard a loud moan and it took me a while to realize that it had come from my own mouth.

The next thing I felt was Eric`s tongue in my mouth and the taste of my own juices. I wove my fingers into his hair and pulled him closer and then he was inside me. He moved tentatively, but I urged him on by meeting him with my hips, my legs around his waist.

I knew that Eric was large, but it wasn`t until he was inside me, I got the full meaning of it. I couldn`t help moaning again. His tentative thrusts became deeper and stronger and he was breathing heavier and whispering my name again and again.

When I started to see all those colors again, Eric whispered “elsker” which made me look up. I met his eyes and the pleasure I saw spreading in his face made me come hard. Eric`s thrusts became frantic and soon he yelled out loudly, stiffened and started to shake a little before he landed on top of me.

He shifted to the side and started kissing me on my neck while whispering what I assumed was endearments in Norwegian.

He pulled out, took off the condom and threw it in the waste basket and lay down on his back. He pulled me up on his chest and I smiled when I heard his heart pump at an almost scary speed.

Eric kissed the top of my head.

“I wish,” I said, “I could save orgasms in a jar for when I need them, because I think I had a few extra today.”

All of a sudden Eric roared with laughter. That sounded good, that sounded like the Eric I knew. I felt comfortable with this gorgeous but a little unknown stranger, after I heard that laugh.

“If I had known you would be this gorgeous with your clothes off, I would have tried to do this sooner,” he said.

“You did try to do this sooner, about twenty times,” I said, lifting my head and smiling at him.

“Then I have good taste.” He hesitated for a long minute, some of the pleasure leaving his face.

“Tell me about us. How long have I known you?”

The light from the window spilled onto the right side of his face. His hair spread over the pillow, shining and golden.

“I’m cold,” I said gently, and pulled the covers up over us. I propped myself up on one elbow and he lay on his side, so we were facing each other. “Since this summer. Though we have known about each other longer through my ex-boyfriend Bill. He worked for you at Viking Games.” I started telling Eric more about what Bill did for Viking Games and then what I did.

“I want to hear about my company, but now I want to hear about you and me. I find myself mightily interested.”

Another little shock: the real Eric cared about his own position first, relationships down about— oh, I don’t know, tenth, which was probably why he had had so many women waltzing in and out of his life. This was definitely odd.

I told him the tale of Eric and Sookie and even if we hadn`t known each other for more than a couple of months, the tale took some time to tell and long enough for Eric to get a mischievous look in his eyes again. While I was talking, his hand made its own little tour of my body, stopping at my breasts, my waist and ending between my legs.

I stopped talking very abruptly when his index finger went inside me while his thumb worked miracles on the outside.

“Please continue,” Eric whispered with a teasing grin.

“Oh, I think we are past the tell-part in my `show and tell`,” I smiled, moving my hips in rhythm with his hand. Soon Eric had me panting. Remembering how much he liked to look me in my eyes when he gave me pleasure, I kept his gaze while he made me come yelling his name.

I heard the sound of a condom foil being ripped and reminded myself to start taking my birth control pills again. I had stopped when I realized Bill wasn`t in Norway, but now I had reason to start again.

Eric entered me again, but just when he was inside, he stopped. He looked at me.

“Do you want to be on top?” he asked.

“I can do that,” I whispered and soon I was riding him with his strong hands on my hips helping me. This position had never made me feel very confident, but with Eric it was something else. His smile and the lust in his eyes, his hands on my hips and the way he bucked his hips to meet my motions, not to mention the way he hit a very sweet spot inside me, made this my new favorite way to make love.

I held on to his strong chest, but then I wanted to feel his body close to me. I pulled at his shoulders and he obliged and came to a sitting position. A little shifting around and he was leaning against the head post and I kept moving while nuzzling his neck.

Suddenly his hands grabbed my hips even harder and our rhythm became faster, more intense and before I knew it, I had to jump ship with a moan and Eric followed right behind me.

I was exhausted and slipped down in bed. Eric threw another condom in the waste basket before spooning me with a sated sigh.

“Oh Sookie,” he whispered while kissing my neck.

Then we both dozed off.


Soooo, was it worth the wait?

I have a question for the post-cabin story. My beautiful beta Rascalthemutant has begged me to do two things: to let Eric keep his memory of what happened in the cabin when he is back to his old self and to not to include Quinn in the story at all.

Who can say no to Rascal? Of course her two wishes make it a little harder to write the story the way I originally planned to, but I have a plan B too so I`ll let you guys decide: Quinn or no Quinn? Memory loss or no memory loss? (and then I can blame you if both Quinn and memory loss are in the story after all. “They made me do it, Rascal” – oh, I am evil).

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