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The water splashed over the edge when the tub also had to accommodate Erik`s large frame. His feet moved under my hips and stretched out. I was still lying back with my eyes closed, but I wasn`t as relaxed as I had been five minutes ago.

I felt him move around a bit and then he had my foot on his chest. He soaped it in and started massaging. I couldn`t help moaning a little. It felt so good when he took each toe between his able fingers. After a while he massaged the rest of the foot.

When he started working his way up my leg, I felt a blush creeping up on my cheeks. I was struggling hard not to let any sounds out, but after a while I wasn`t sure why it would be so important to keep quiet. When he came to my thigh, I moaned loudly and my legs came more apart as if they had a will of their own.

Suddenly he took my foot, kissed it and put it down in the water.

I was disappointed for all of 30 seconds until he took my other foot and gave it the same attention. I was in heaven and sighed in joy.

When the other leg was as well-massaged as the first one and had received its kiss, I silently wondered which body part would next get the attention of the able fingers of the handsome vampire in my bathtub.

The answer came when he turned me around and leaned my back against his chest.

“I`m going to wash your hair,” he whispered in my ear. I heard him open the shampoo bottle and felt his strong fingers working their way through my scalp. If my hairdresser had given me a shampoo like that, I would definitely have visited her more often.

After the massage, he rinsed my hair, holding his hand over my eyes like a mother watches out that her child doesn`t get soap in its eyes. He also rinsed his own hair.

He gave me a quick kiss to the cheek and got out of the tub. Even though Erik`s body temperature wasn`t human, the tub suddenly felt cold and empty without him. He dried himself with a towel in front of me and I couldn`t keep my eyes from his magnificent backside.

He turned around faster than I could close my eyes and gave me a crooked smile. He pulled out two towels from the shelves. Before I could say anything, he had me in his arms, one arm under my knees and one arm behind my back. He lifted me up and carried me dripping to my bedroom.

He pulled out one of the towels and spread it on the bed, while holding me with one arm. He carefully lowered me down to lie on my stomach on the towel.

Carefully he dried me with the other towel. One finger at a time, an arm, my back and my legs. After having dried all of me, he took the towel and tied it around my hair. Then he started kissing his way down back to my behind. His hand moved in between my legs.

This felt like heaven and I just wanted him to continue. I wanted something else too, though. I wanted control.


“No, Erik.” Those were her words. “No, Erik?”

I stopped in my tracks. Where did I go wrong? I could definitely both hear, smell and feel her want and lust.

She got up from her lying position and stood on her knees in the bed. She was so beautiful, I just wanted to push her down and have her. I inhaled. Yes, she was definitely aroused. The smell of her blood and her lust was almost too much for me.

She smiled at me and made a gesture towards the bed. Did she want me to lie down? I could do that and placed myself in the middle of the bed, a smile on my face and my length in attention, waiting for Sookie.

“No, Erik.” This was her second “No, Erik”.

“Turn around. I want you on your stomach.” She still smiled.

Why would I be on my stomach? I thought I knew just about any sexual position there was, but I couldn`t imagine any position where I would be on my stomach and Sookie behind me. Not a position I would think Sookie knew, anyway.

I heard a small click and a squeezing sound. Then I felt Sookie`s warm hands on my foot. They had some moisture on them. She started massaging.

As I had started with Sookie`s feet when I massaged her in the bath, so did she start with mine. Every toe got her attention and it felt so good. She moved up my leg and I had to bite the pillow when she happened to touch my balls. My other foot got her attention and when she moved up my leg, my balls were waiting for another touch.

It wasn`t my balls she went for, but my ass. She gave it a thorough massage and I moaned loudly. The pillow was no help and I moved my head to the side and let Sookie hear my arousal. I even squirmed a bit. Her touch was just so perfect.

After my ass, she moved up to the small of my back, massaging it from the spine and outwards. Vampires don`t really have muscle-problems or sore backs, but her massage still did wonders for me. Her touch was so full of tenderness and care, not feelings vampires get to meet every day.

She straddled the small of my back to get to my shoulder-blades and shoulders. They got a thorough rub, but all I could think of was her hot, wet core on me. I moved a little to rub myself against her, which made Sookie lean down and kiss my neck and my cheek. The feeling of her breasts against my back made my hand reach out for her.

My hand was moving as if it had a magnet and the other magnet attracting it was situated between Sookie`s legs. I snuck my hand between her and me and let my fingers guide their way to her wetness.

I let my longest finger slip into her where it found her spot while my thumb caressed her center of pleasure. She rocked against my hand and moaned into my ear. I almost came in the bed when she kissed my neck, her teeth scraping my skin just a little.


Erik definitely had able hands. His massage in the bathtub gave me a clue, but the way he handled me now was the final proof.

I couldn`t help myself. I moaned loudly into Erik`s ear. My legs came further apart and I lifted myself a little bit to give room to his hand. I was wet and on top of a vampire with low body temperature, so I should feel cold. I didn`t. A warmth spread slowly from my core and throughout my whole body. Suddenly it wasn`t a slow spread of warmth, it was a tidal wave. My whole body stiffened and I yelled out in pure pleasure. Small spasms went through my body and I relaxed on top of Erik. I kissed his earlobe and saw a smile on his lips.

He flipped me over and moved on top of me. I was in an almost delirious state, but I still managed to clamp my legs around Erik`s waist and hold on to his neck. I drew him down to a deep kiss just as he entered me. Our sounds of pleasure came in each other`s mouths.

Erik pounded fast and hard. It hadn`t been more than 12 hours since our last lovemaking, but he seemed to have missed me.

I followed his rhythm the best I could and met his pounds. He went deep in me and I screamed in pleasure every time. I looked Erik deep in his eyes, but my sight was disturbed by stars and spots, multiplying by every pound. I yelled out when I came and soon Erik yelled with me. Some day I would have to check out what those old-Danish words meant, but for now I was just satisfied and relaxed.

After a little while I noticed something was off.

“Erik, why didn`t you bite me?”

“Mmmm, my lover. I wanted you to feel safe when we made love now. I don`t always drain my lovers, you know.” He winked at me and gave me another kiss.

“Erik, it`s ok. You`re a vampire. You can take my blood when we make love. I trust you.”

He gave me another kiss.

“No problem. We`ll just have to make love again and I`ll bite you then.”

Then the doorbell rang.


I grabbed my jeans, put them on and answered the door. It was the pizza-guy saying “One number 6 – no garlic and four bottles of blood”. I paid him and took the pizza to the kitchen where I found Sookie.

She wore a quilt. It was a quite hideous quilt she had wrapped herself into, but she looked great. Her hair was messed up; I suppose I was the guilty party there, and she looked flushed and happy. If I could have my way, she would always look like that.

She sat down at the kitchen table with her pizza.

“I`m starving.” She said. “I haven`t had anything to eat since breakfast, and even if I ate my breakfast in the afternoon, that`s still over 12 hours ago.” She ate the first slice of pizza in big bites.

On my way over to the microwave, I kissed her neck as she was bending over her food. I heated a Blood and sat down next to Sookie and drank it in big gulps. I wasn`t as hungry as her, but I didn`t want her to dine alone.

We enjoyed our meals without talking. I`m not sure what was on Sookie`s mind, but I was thinking about the last few days. Things had happened fast. I had gone from seeing her as just another useful human to trusting her with my life – and even endangering it to save her.

How could I endanger my life for her? I knew so little about her. The only thing I knew was that I had no choice, but to do my best to keep Sookie safe. After having spent just a few days with Sookie, I never wanted her out of my life again.

I also knew that I would have to make her trust me. Trust me enough to talk to me. She had trusted me with her body and had even volunteered blood, but she had secrets she didn`t trust me enough to hear. Why didn`t she want to talk about Sam? Why did she run away when things got serious? Why couldn`t she even tell me a simple little thing like how she knew Quinn had a trap waiting for me?

Sookie had eaten three slices of pizza and was slowing down a bit. She looked embarrassed when she saw me watch her. I took her hand in mine and kissed it.

“You look lovely when you eat. I would have missed that if I had turned you.” She frowned. We were obviously not entirely past that incident.

I got up behind her chair, moved my leg over the back of the chair and slipped down behind her, while scooping her up on my lap. I kissed her shoulders as my hands made their way to her front. The quilt was in my way, so I opened it up so that it was only held up by my chest being so close to her back.

I lightly massaged her breasts and played with her nipples. She had stopped eating so I whispered: “Just keep eating, Lover. You`ll need your strength for what I have planned for you.”

She resumed eating, this time considerably slower. I kissed her neck and let one of my hands trails its way down her stomach. She spread her legs and stopped eating again, leaning her head back on my shoulder.

“I`m full – and hungry for dessert.”

And plop, my fangs made their appearance.


Cheesy lines are allowed when you make love, aren`t they? Apparently my vampire (my vampire??) felt the same because he answered seductively:

“First dessert is some `sweet-loving fingers`, then I would suggest some `cold tongue` and to finish it off, I can offer you some nice `Gracious Plenty`.” I could feel his smile against my neck.

“Gracious Plenty??”

“Oh, you know, men like to have names for their…mmmm…equipment.”

I laughed out loud. “No Northman junior or Little-Erik for you, I understand.”

“I don`t think a name including the words `junior` or `little` would fit me.” His fangs grazed my neck and his hands had found a place to serve the first dessert course, which left me speechless, unless loud moaning counts as speech. He had very able fingers.

I had my legs draped over his and twined my feet around his calves. When he opened his legs, mine opened with them.

If `sweet-loving fingers` was sold in any restaurant, there would be a line ten blocks down. He used his fingers like a piano virtuoso, making me squirm in his lap. The quilt under me seemed to get wetter by the minute.

Then I started to feel the results of my dessert; a tingling feeling that started in my feet and worked its way up. When it was at my knees, I felt the same tingling in my face, working its way downwards. When I was tingling all over, my body suddenly stiffened and I let out a loud yell. I held on to his calves with my feet and to his arms with my hands. I came hard.

He had pushed me over the edge and was still pushing. It was almost unbearable. Almost.

Then he stood up – and with one hand around my waist he lifted me with him, with the other, he cleared the table. Pizza went flying through the room.


She looked almost done when I laid her on her back on the table, but I had promised her a three course dessert and I`m a vampire of my word.

I laid the quilt over her torso and arms, so she wouldn`t get cold and went down on my knees between her legs. I positioned her feet on my shoulders and went in tongue first.

The taste of her was heaven and, combined with her moaning, I almost came. This was the second or third time in our lovemaking, I would almost orgasm hearing Sookie vocalize her lust. I had to restrain myself and focus on her. I let my tongue glide in between her folds and suck up the sweet nectar. I sucked and nibbled and could feel her heartbeat race.

When she was close to coming, I went for my favorite artery in her thigh and bit down just as she climaxed. Her blood mixed with her juices was a drink for gods – and I certainly felt like a god right now.

I lightly kissed her thighs and looked up in her eyes. They were half closed and she was so far away in her pleasure that I figured we would have to wait some time for the last course.

As if she read my mind, she asked: “Wasn`t there one more dish on the dessert tray?”

I did not have to be asked twice. I almost jumped out of my jeans and plunged into her lying on the table. I held on to her hips and thrust as hard and fast as I could. Sookie`s yells and screams made my hair stand up on my arms – in a good way. I could feel her getting closer and I knew that I certainly was. When I could feel her contractions around me, I had no other choice but to let go. I thrust one last time into her and collapsed when I was deep inside. I roared as loud as I could.

“You are MINE.”

And I gave her my deepest kiss.

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