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This was amazing. That`s the only way to describe how it felt – only the word was too weak.

I`ve had good sex and I`ve had great sex. This was something more. This was sex that went right to the core of me. It made me want to give up everything just to have sex again. Sex with Sookie, that is.

I lifted myself off her and pulled her over to lie on my chest. She gave my stomach lazy strokes and I did the same to her hair and back. I could stay like this forever.

I really didn`t want to talk, but I had to know what had happened in Copenhagen and asked her. She lifted her head a little and looked me in the eyes.

“Erik, I need you to tell me what happened to you before you came to Denmark. You are wanted for murder or murders, I`m not sure. You were the reason why I was summoned.”

I tried to listen closely to her voice to detect any doubt, but I couldn`t find it. It seemed she trusted me to give her a good explanation. I thought over what I was going to say because I just couldn`t tell her everything. What I was going to tell her though, would be the truth. I never wanted to lie to this woman.

“Sookie, I`m not sure how much I can tell you, because I`m not sure I know it all myself. When I came to Denmark, it was because I felt so deeply threatened that it was the only way to survive. Usually I would fight, I am a fighter, but I had no choice in this case. I believe I was set up, but I can`t be sure. That`s all I can say. Did you meet the queen herself?”

“No, I met a vampire I trust in her court. His name is Rasmus.” The name made me jump a little.

“Rasmus? He wouldn`t happen to have red, curly hair?” I asked.

She looked at me “Yes. Do you know him?”

I let out a little laughter. “Do I know him? Oh, yes. We go way back.” I didn`t tell her that we were pirates of the North Sea together. I wasn`t sure how she would react.

Sookie thought for a moment, then she sighed and laid her head back on my chest. “What do we do now?”

I was about to answer when I made a mental rewind and heard her again. She said `we`. If my heart could beat it would have skipped one now.

“First of all I`m going to make sure that you are safe, Sookie.” She gave my chest a kiss.

“Then I`ll call in some old favors and take it from there. ” I didn`t want her to worry, especially not now. I had other plans.

I started kissing her head while my hand slid under her arms to her warm and full breast. I could feel her surprise – and joy. I could also feel myself harden.

“Do you want to… could you… already,” she asked and at my smiling confirmation, she lift her head and kissed me. Sometimes it`s really good to have the stamina of a vampire.

She moved further over my body and kissed her way down to my nipples. My nipples are like a volume button for my libido. “Bite just a little,” I whispered to her. When she complied, I moaned loudly, which seemed to turn her on.

Suddenly I felt her leg move over my waist and she raised herself to straddle me. She still kissed and bit my nipple, only she had now started giving the other nipple some attention. Then she moved upwards and kissed my neck. She even nibbled a little, which drove me to growl. I had a hard time containing myself. Her warm breath on my neck was driving me crazy.

She found my mouth and went in for a deep kiss while positioning herself at the tip of my length. I really loved how she took charge. I loved it even more when she pushed herself onto me while still kissing me.

She pulled me up in a sitting position and went down to kiss my neck while moving herself up and down on me. I grabbed her hips and helped her, but let her set the pace. I was on a fast track to pure happiness. I smiled.

I couldn`t get enough of this woman and the plan I had made earlier, started to resurface. Sookie would be a perfect child. It would be a bit soon after Pam. I had always waited a few years after a child`s death before I turned a new one, but why wait when you find the woman you want?

This would indeed be a new way to make a child. This turning would be in the ecstasy of lovemaking, not in the fear of dark alleys.

I could feel my dead heart swell at the thought of Sookie as my new child. I missed Pam so badly, but Sookie would be something else. She had something to her that I would cherish for ages.

Sookie would be the oldest woman I had turned, but this was a new time and age. People lived longer and were healthier. In my time, Sookie would have been an elderly woman with eight or ten children who would have worn her out. My Sookie was young in mind and body.

My Sookie. I liked the ring to it.

With every thrust Sookie was closer to her climax. I could hear her breathe heavier, feel her pulse pounding in her veins. I felt myself getting closer to my own climax too. Sookie felt so good, so warm so wet. I would miss her warm breath on my neck, but I would gain so much more.

I wanted to ask her before I made such a huge decision on her behalf. I had never asked before I had turned someone, but this was after the Great Revelation and things were different. People knew vampires and how they were made. Some even begged to be turned.

“Sookie, be mine!”

She moaned and bit into my neck. She didn`t take any blood, but I still took that as a yes and bit into her neck. She came with an animalistic growl. I came with her and could hardly keep still enough to keep drinking from her. Sookie relaxed totally in my arms and little shivers ran through her body.

My bite was deeper than when I just take a little sip from my lovers. Her blood ran freely down my throat, her lovely blood. I almost came again just by drinking all the blood. This was heaven, this was ecstasy.


I felt like my brain had left me and my body was without bones. I was so relaxed, just leaning in on Erik`s broad shoulders. Usually I feel all hot and sweaty after making love, but Erik`s cool body kept my body temperature at a pleasant level.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, went through my brain. If Heaven, Nirvana or Valhalla really existed, this would be what it would feel like. Absolute peace, absolute tranquility, absolute love. Yes, love. I actually felt love for this Erik. How weird was that?

If you had asked me a week ago how I would react if a vampire bit me, I would have said `call the police` or even `find me a nice stake`. Now my reaction was love? It wasn`t like the love I felt for Sam. I had known Erik way too short to have that kind of feelings, but I felt connected to Erik.

I also felt something else. It was as if I got weaker and weaker. Erik was still drinking from me. At the back of my head I was beginning to measure the time he had been sucking my blood. Hadn`t he been drinking for a very long time now?

I had no idea how much blood a vampire drank from his lover, but I imagined that the vampire would control himself. I trusted that Erik wouldn`t hurt me. He wouldn`t hurt me, would he?

As soon as that thought had begun to make its presence, I started thinking about the accusations Rasmus had made. Erik was a murderer. All vampires were, of course, but he murdered after the Great Revelation. Suddenly it hit me what I was doing. I was alone with a vampire at my throat.

I was feeling weaker and weaker and knew something was wrong. I tried to get out of Erik`s embrace, but he was holding me close to him while giving my back soothing strokes.

“Erik, what are you doing?” I almost screamed. Now I tried in earnest to get away from him. “Erik, don`t kill me!” Tears were coming down my cheeks and I literally felt life running out from the wounds in my neck. I began thinking about all people who would be sad if I died. Granted, I don`t have much family, but I had friends who would miss me. I panicked. I didn`t want to die!

Erik stopped sucking. He kissed my cheek and whispered: “Sookie, I`m making you mine. We can be together forever. Sssshhh. You`ll be my beautiful child. You`ll be mine.” He was soothing me like a mother soothes a child that has fallen from its bike, kissing me and stroking me.

In my weakened state, I was terrified. “Erik, I don`t want to be a vampire. I love the sun, I love food – Erik, I have a life I want to live.”

Erik smiled. “I know it looks like a huge step for you, Sookie, but you`ll never age and you`ll live forever. We`ll be together.” He gave me a deep, bloody kiss and started to move back to my neck.

“NOOOOO!” I pushed myself away. Erik looked surprised. “I don`t want to be a vampire, Erik.” I started crying in earnest.

I jumped off his lap and ran to the bathroom. Before I could lock the door, I fainted on the bathroom floor.


I had her head before it hit the floor. Human heads and tile floors are not a good combination. Carrying her back to the bed I looked at her. She looked very pale, but still beautiful.

I had more emotions running through me the two minutes looking at Sookie than I had had the last two decades.

Disappointment, sadness, anger (at myself, not at Sookie, for some strange reason), surprise, frustration, indecision and a little bit of loneliness. All of my children had died before me and I disliked being alone. I like companionship, someone I can trust, closeness.

I just wanted to bend down over Sookie and finish the job. I wanted her to be a vampire so bad that I had a hard time stopping myself. Rationalizing it to myself I thought it would be unwise for a vampire on the run to turn an unwilling human, but I knew that wasn`t the reason for me not sucking out all of Sookie`s blood and giving her my own. I wanted her badly, but I also wanted her consent. I wanted to make a child that wanted to be mine – not someone taken by force.

I could see the life force struggling in Sookie and knew I had to act fast. I ran to the kitchen and picked two bottles of blood from the fridge. I didn`t warm them up because I thought they would be easier for Sookie to swallow if they were cold.

But first I wanted to give her some of my blood. My blood had a healing power that the bottled blood couldn`t offer. I just had to be careful of not giving her too much.

Back in the bedroom, I put the blood on the nightstand and sat myself against the headboard. I gathered Sookie`s limp body and placed her between my legs, her back against my chest. I bit my wrist and forced the open wound into Sookie`s mouth. My blood ran into her mouth and down her throat.

After a few minutes she coughed and gagged a little. Then she came to and I could feel her panic. She pushed at my arm and squirmed between my arm and my chest. Since I`m way stronger than her, I had no problem forcing my arm to stay at her mouth, while I kept soothing and reassuring her.

“Shhh, Sookie. I`m not turning you, I`m just putting you back to rights. Don`t worry, I wouldn`t hurt you. Just relax and let me heal you.” I kissed the top of her head; tiny little kisses.

Her body let some of the tension go and she drank more. She didn`t suck as hard on the wound as she had done earlier, after the were attack, but I was pleased to see that she drank.

When I could feel that she was getting close to the amount she could safely drink from me, I took away my arm and handed her the bottle of blood.

“You have to drink this one too. I did take a fair amount of your blood before you stopped me.”

“Why did you do it?” She asked.

“I thought you wanted it. I asked you to be mine and you bit my neck. I took that as a yes.” I explained in a neutral tone. I`m not used to excusing myself and I didn`t want to start a new trend.

“No, I mean, why did you stop?” She turned around and looked me in the eyes. Those eyes. I desperately wanted to kiss her, but held back. I didn`t want to scare her again.

“I stopped because you made it clear that you didn`t want to be turned. Before the revelation, I had to force people when I turned them, but I wanted it to be different with you. I wanted the turning to be voluntary. I still want you to yield to me and be my child, but I`ll make sure you say out loud and clear when you want it to happen.

“Don`t hold your breath, Erik. I never want to be a vampire. I love the sun, I love food and I love the life I have right now. I can`t imagine what would change my mind. And I can`t imagine why you would go ahead and start turning me just because I nibble a little on your throat in the heat of the moment. I figured it would turn you on and that was all I wanted. Now we`re here, me with two huge holes in my neck and you with some liters of my blood in your system – instead of us having sex or cuddling or whatever you and I could have done together in this bed. Way to go!”

She was killing me.

Normally I would never have put up with a human scolding me like that. When she mentioned what we could have done in bed instead from me bringing her back to life, a great sadness crept over me. She had wanted more sex or some cuddling (my two favorite things to do) and now she was angry and sex and cuddling were definitely out of the question.

I could feel dawn approaching and I desperately wanted us to be as close to one another as we were just an hour ago. I also wanted to make sure that she would stay here till I was back from my daytime sleep.

“Sookie, I didn`t want the evening to end like this. I have to go underground soon and I want to see you relaxed and asleep before I go. We`ll talk more about this tonight.”

I put her in the position she had been in when I found her, on her side facing the wall, and spooned her while kissing her gently on her shoulder and neck. My hand was on her stomach. This time she didn`t move it to more enjoyable body parts, but she did relax against my chest and soon I heard her breath even out and her heartbeat go a little slower. She even snored a little bit, something I found very endearing.

I kissed her temples and left her very reluctantly. Rarely have I wished I wasn`t a vampire, but right now I cursed the fact that I had to go underground.

I said a silent prayer to Freja that Sookie would be in the house when I woke up.


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