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Quinn took me to his own house. His own house. That didn`t sound very wise. It would only take someone knowing who abducted me and they could go straight to his house and pick me up. Except – who would guess that Quinn was guilty in my disappearance?

Quinn`s house was an old village school. A lot of old schools were left empty when the centralization of the schools had started in the Sixties. People had bought the schools and started renovating them and now they were sort of collectors` items.

I had loved his house the last time I had been here. The red bricks, the long wooden dining table in the living room, the old classroom that he had turned into a gym. It still had the old blackboard. This was a house with soul.

Now I just wanted to cry. I felt betrayed. Before Eric, Quinn was the last man I had felt anything for and now I was in his house, in my bathrobe, very much against my will.

“Quinn, you know you have to let me go.” I tried to plead with him.

“Babe, I would love to let you go, but unless you tell me where Eric Northman is, I have to keep you here.”

Arrgh, there was that `babe` again. Hadn`t I just told him not to call me that?

“I told you – I don`t know the vampire you`re looking for. If I can`t tell you where he is, what do you need me for?”

“You`ll see, babe, you`ll see” He gave my arms a stroke.

“Stop calling me `babe`.” I whispered between my teeth. “I hate it.”

Quinn locked me in the room next to the classroom-turned-gym. The small room didn`t have any windows and the only furniture was a couch.

I hammered on the door and yelled at him. I knew it was ridiculous, but I guess I`ve just seen too many movies and figured this was how abductees behaved. After a while I went to bed. No need to use up all my strength. I probably would have been more aggravated if my kidnapper had been a stranger, but I actually believed Quinn when he said he wouldn`t hurt me.

Soon I was asleep.


I could smell Sookie long before I could see the house. I could also feel her. Sookie and I weren`t bonded, but vampires could still feel a human who has taken his blood. At least if there also was an emotional aspect to it – which there was between me and Sookie.

When I came closer, I also got the hideous smell of polar bear in my nose. I had parked Sookie`s car outside the village because a vampire can move so much more quietly without a motor vehicle.

I knew she was inside the old red brick house and I figured I might as well just go for it. The element of surprise is important in an attack.

I didn`t really fear for my life here. It was were against vampire and weres rarely win those fights. At least not when the vampire was a thousand years old. I did fear for Sookie, though. She was a mortal and mortals had a terrible habit of dying in supe fights.


I woke up all of the sudden. I could feel Erik close by. I`m not sure why I could feel him, I just knew he was there.

I could hear footprints outside my door and listened to see if I could hear who it was. It was Quinn`s brain and I focused on hearing his thoughts. My hair stood up on my head when I read what he was thinking. This was all a trap. He wanted to catch Erik. This was the whole reason why Quinn had taken me to his own house. He figured, it would be easier for Erik to find me in an address that was easy to come by and the house had some built-in traps. Quinn had a silver net and he felt pretty confident he would catch Erik and get his mother freed.

I was terrified. Could Erik walk right into a trap because of me?

I yelled out: “He`s got a silver net, Erik. Watch out. It`s a trap.” I kept shouting, yelling and hammering on the door and hoped Erik would hear me. There was a great commotion and suddenly I could hear sort of a plop and a loud roar. The fight expanded, judging from the sound of it.

It was extremely nerve-wreacking to be locked up in a room with a huge fight just outside the door and there is nothing you can do. The fight seemed to go on forever – and suddenly it stopped.

Then I heard someone at the door. I listened very carefully to hear if it was Quinn`s brain, but all I picked up, was an empty void. Erik. My heart made a little jump.

“Stand back, I`m going to break down the door.” He called.

As happy as I was to see Erik, I was also terrified. He had red marks all over his face. Could that be marks from a silver net? His shirt was torn and he had what looked like claw marks on his chest and arm. His hair was a mess and he had a wild look in his eyes. He came right over and gave me a deep kiss.


I wanted to fuck her right then and there. I had been in a great fight with a polar bear. A fucking polar bear. There`s a first for everything. And I`d won (of course). Now I wanted blood and sex. Fighting, blood and sex are so closely connected to vampires.

Had Sookie been a fangbanger or someone else I didn`t care about, I would have taken her up against the wall or perhaps on the small couch in the room. As it were, I had to control myself. This was Sookie. I figured I had scared her enough lately.

She looked at me and let her index finger trail the wounds from the silver net in my face. The fucking polar bear had a fucking silver net. Who the hell did he think he was? It would take more than a measly polar bear to catch me. Granted, he had taken me by surprise with the net, but he was too confident in victory and hadn`t even changed before the fight. Sookie`s yell about the net had helped me jump to the side when it was coming down on me. I had gotten the net off me and attacked him before he was able to gain his polar bear strength. I might have been in trouble had he not been so confident in his silver net trap, because polar bears are after all much larger than wolves, lions and tigers – the other were-types I had fought.

Sookie kissed the claw marks on my chest. My heart swelled.

“These are going to heal, right?” She asked.

“Yes, they`ll heal. I`ll just need a bottle of blood or two and I`ll be back to normal. Or maybe some blood straight from a vein.” I said wiggling my eyebrows. I had imagined she would make some joke or even be bit angry. Her reaction made my fangs come right down.

She tilted her head and offered me her neck.

“Sookie” I whispered in a thick voice. I licked her neck, kissed it and bit down carefully. I didn`t want to take too much blood now. After all I had plans for later where her blood was a central part. A little sip would help me heal – and it was a perfect snack after a glorious fight.

I could feel myself heal and licked the fangmarks to help them disappear. Then I went for her mouth again and kissed her deeply, lifting her slightly up to me. She held on to my shoulders, pulling me to her.

“Thank you for the blood,” I whispered into her mouth.

She laughed a little. “We`ll need to keep a score here. You have healed me twice and I have healed you once – and you healed me from much bigger damages than I healed you. But one of the times you healed me, you were the one guilty of almost killing me. And indirectly you also caused the other damages. So who owes whom now?”

I let my laughter roam the room. Sookie laughed with me. Then I heard a noise from the gym. Quinn was coming to. I had tied him up thoroughly, but I still wanted to be in the room when he woke up from the knock I gave his head.

I let go of Sookie and in one jump I was in the gym and pulled Quinn to his feet. He looked groggy, but was awake. While holding Quinn, I pulled out my phone and called Rasmus.

“You can get involved now. Quinn had Sookie and should be punished. I managed not to kill him, so now he`s all yours as long as you can guarantee that he won`t be hurting Sookie again.”

Sookie had put on a coat and some boots and came out to where Quinn and I were. I smiled because she looked great even in the strange combination of a bathing robe, a coat and naked legs in boots.

She stared at Quinn, probably because he was naked. Unfortunately, being naked in my birth-country, isn`t really the humiliation I would have wished on Quinn. I guess it is easier to be a were in a country where nudity is no issue at all. Weres do end up naked quite often since most clothes can`t handle the transformation into their animal self.

Quinn saw her too and started talking: “Sookie, I`m so sorry. I told you I wouldn`t hurt you; I just needed to catch this vampire. They have my mother, you know. I had to do this for her, babe.”

Sookie`s eyes had a sudden flame to them and she ran over to Quinn and punched him in the nose. I could hear the nose crack and blood came pouring out.

“DON`T CALL ME BABE!” She shouted.

I made a mental note of never using that term. Not that I ever would, of course. I preferred to make her blush by referring to her as `lover”.

I smiled.


My knuckles hurt so much I just wanted to scream. But I wouldn`t give Quinn the satisfaction of knowing that he wasn`t the only one being hurt by my blow. It had felt so good to hit him – and that scared me a bit.

Erik looked at me with a knowing look. Somehow he could feel my pain. He winked at me as to give me courage and I smiled back.

“Have you ever heard of asking someone to help you? I`m sure you could have had help from both the were- and the vampire-world, if you had only asked them. What you did to me and to Erik was wrong and you`re lucky to be alive.”

Erik looked from me to Quinn and back again. Then he said “Sookie, I need to take Quinn outside and ask him a few questions. Please stay in here and maybe even go to the other end of the house. If you can find an iPod or something, it might be wise to use the headphones and play some music.”

I stared at him. I knew he was asking me to leave so he could torture Quinn. I don`t condone torture. Actually I`m an active member of Amnesty International and have written letters to several dictators to urge them to stop torture. I still did what Erik asked of me.

In Quinn`s living-room I did find an iPod. I checked what he had on it. I wasn`t surprised to see `Mighty Quinn` in both the Manfred Mann and Bob Dylan versions. I also found a lot of crappy R&B, but one folder caught my attention. It was called `Old Danish`. I opened it and found Gnags, Tøsedrengene, Kliché, Gasolin and all the other bands from when I was growing up. This was Memory Lane if there ever was one.

I started it and soon I was dancing around to all this cool music. I must admit I was singing too. I`m a great dancer, but I couldn`t keep a tone if it had earned me a thousand kroner. Wearing headphones didn`t help.

I had probably danced around for 45 minutes or so. I had taken off my coat, but I was still wearing my boots. Suddenly the most romantic song I knew was playing. `Kvinde min/ My woman` by Gasolin. It was an oldie and I had never seen Gasolin when they were still a band because I was just too young, but the song had always gone straight to my heart. I had once said that if anyone ever sang that one to me, I would know it was love.

Suddenly I felt hands coming from behind me and pulling me to a muscular chest. The headphones were pushed just a little from my ear and Erik was whispering along to the song:

“Kvinde kom og drøm med mig i den lange nat, hvor stjernerne de funkler og blinker som besat. Bliv ikke bange, for deres sange. Hold bare fast i mig når de fortæller dig, at der er tusinde mil imellem dig og mig.”

“Woman, come and dream with me, in the long night, where the stars are sparkling and flashing like they`re possessed. Don`t be afraid, of their songs. Just hold on to me, when they are telling you that there are a thousand miles between you and me.”

We were rocking back and forth and Erik was still humming `Kvinde min` in my ear even when a new song had started playing. I pulled down the headphones and Erik started licking my ear. I couldn`t help moaning.

He moved his arms to cross my chest and his hands took possession of each of my breasts, going under the bathrobe. I could feel his arousal against my back. I could feel my arousal too, but this was wrong.

“Erik, I`m not going to have sex with you in Quinn`s house.”

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  1. Crystal says:

    That’s a pretty cool song.

  2. Jackiedm69 says:

    Sorry if I skipped some reviews but the story was so exciting!
    I really hated Quinn in the books always calling Sookie “babe” and honestly I started to dislike Sookie when she started to date him.
    She fell for him just like Bill!
    She should have known better…especially after Bill”s betrayal.
    Wow Eric wanted to turn Sookie already ?!
    He really likes her then.
    Loved the song. ..nice sound.

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