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I have left you waiting way too long for this chapter. I have received polite hints and hard kicks in the butt and it has helped. I`ve been grateful for every hint and butt-kick because it meant that you guys missed the story. That warms my heart.

My excuses? Well, I haven`t been all lazy. I finished Dead with the Vikings in record speed because I promised it for the Support Stacie Auction bidders and then I wrote two stories for the same auction. My Ten Dates with Sookie – a story about partyboy-Eric and student-Sookie – for Miss Construed and WAGs and Wolves – a missing chapter of my story Dead on a Football Field – for E-F-M. Both are very generous ladies who gave a substantial sum to help Stacie with her medical bills.

Then, when the dust had settled, Miss Construed and I started talking about the lack of stories that didn`t have a Sookie-Eric or Sookie-Bill coupling (she is writing one of the few – the fantastic Heat is in the Tools –with Sookie and Alcide) and she sort of mentioned that Sookie and Sigebert would make an impossible couple to write. That was a dare if I ever saw one and I had to try. The result: my one-shot Sigebert and Wybert(yes, it`s a threesome with Sookie as the lucky ham in the sandwich).

And now – finally finally finally – I`m back with Work Permit. It`s so great to return to it. Especially now that Charlaine Harris has been so gracious as to write us yet another book. And what a book. I LOVE it!

As always – there would have been no story if not for the fantastic Rascalthemutant who reads everything I write and makes sure it`s readable for the rest of you.

I gasped, completely mortified. Then anger rolled over me.

“I`m not offering pity-sex, Eric. I thought we were planning on having … when… ” I stopped, not wanting to go through the whole debate about sex and having your monthly. That was not a subject I wanted to discuss with him.

I got up on my feet and was going to walk away when his strong hands came around my waist and held me back.

“When what?” he asked.

I pulled away and he let me.

“Never mind,” I answered and went to the bathroom. I stared in the mirror and wondered how I had gotten into this mess. Suddenly I was dead tired. Too much had happened the last weeks and it had taken its toll on me.

Or maybe being rejected by Eric had taken out the last ounce of energy I had left. I sat down on the floor and silent tears fell down my cheeks. I realized what had made me stay in Norway. It wasn`t the job, though I certainly liked it. It wasn`t the country and it certainly wasn`t the weather. It was Eric.

But apparently Eric and I weren`t meant to be together.

I washed my face and walked out into the bedroom again where I found Eric sitting in the exact same position as I had left him. He looked up when I entered.

“What were you going to say, Sookie?” he asked.

I couldn`t face him and turned towards the door.

“Never mind, Eric. I understand that you are upset and I don`t want to impose on you. Just go to sleep and I`ll watch a little television and sleep in the other bedroom.”

I had started walking out the room while I spoke and didn`t see his reaction. He never said anything to stop me and a treacherous tear made me evacuate the bedroom faster than I had planned. If he didn`t want to have sex with me then I was pretty sure he didn`t want to see me cry.


I watched television for a couple of hours, one ridiculous program after the other. I probably dosed off too because I couldn`t remember half of what I had watched.

Finally I got up, turned off the television and went to the bedroom I had stayed in when I came to live with Eric. The one I had stopped using when…. I suddenly didn`t want to go in there. I didn`t want to sleep in the bed I had been raped in. The bed where Bill had….

But I had to. Bill`s shadow wasn`t going to ruin anything anymore. I didn`t want to add my grief over Bill to all the other thoughts I had running through my brain so I took a deep breath and walked in.

My nightgown was in the other room and since I was wearing a button down shirt I didn`t want to sleep in, I had to sleep in my panties. Eric would be thrilled, was my first thought, but that thought stung in my heart so I quickly discarded it.

I went to the bathroom and found a new toothbrush and some toothpaste in the cupboard, brushed my teeth and used the toilet.

Then I walked back to the dark bedroom and crawled under the covers. I was totally worn out and would have passed out if I hadn`t heard a voice next to me.


Eric sounded tired, but I was suddenly wide awake.

“Eric?” I shrieked.

My heart jumped and I swallowed. I knew it was Eric, but it still felt terrible to be surprised by a man in this bed. A lot of memories came back and they weren`t good ones.

His hand found mine. “I`m so sorry. I didn`t want to startle you. It was just…. I remembered why you had moved out of this bedroom and figured it was better for me to sleep here and you could go back… I wanted to tell you but you were asleep on the couch so I figured I could tell you when you came in here. Only, I didn`t hear you when you came in. I must have fallen asleep. I`m so sorry.”

I tried to calm myself down and took a deep breath.

“It`s ok, Eric,” I said. “It`s ok.” I was probably trying to convince myself as much as him.

Eric sat up and turned on the lamp on the bedside table.

I suddenly realized my state of undress and quickly grabbed the covers and pulled them to my chest, covering myself as best as I could. Eric noticed and shook his head slightly.

“You don`t have to do that, Sookie. I`ve seen you naked, remember? And I hope to see you naked again. And soon.”

“Excuse me?” I asked, trying to keep my voice firm. Unfortunately I blushed too.

“You know I want you,” he sighed. “I just want to know that you want me too.” He looked at me. “That you want me for me, not to cheer me up.”

I rolled my eyes. “You really think I`m the kind of girl who has sex with people to cheer them up?”

His hand fell on the small of my back. My naked back. I shivered slightly from the touch.

“You do have a big heart,” he half-teased.

I made a sound of disagreement. “I`ll show you just how big my heart his.” Without any warning, my pillow landed in his face and before he could react, I pulled it back and smacked him with it again.

“Oh, you`ll pay for that,” he yelled and suddenly I was flat on my back, Eric hovering over me while ten fingers tickled me all the places I was ticklish. I screamed and tried to get away from him, not really noticing how the covers fell off the bed.

What I did feel was Eric`s mouth on my breast and him sucking on my nipple. His hands stopped tickling and started stroking my stomach and chest instead.

I grabbed his hair and weaved my fingers into it while moaning. I had gone from hell to heaven in a matter of minutes and my heart was pounding at the thought. Maybe Eric and I were meant to be together after all?

My body knew the answer to that question because before I could plan my next move, my legs had moved apart and were nudging Eric into moving in between them.

That was when my calves sent my brain a note about Eric`s lack of pants and my thighs made me notice, with joy I might add, that he wasn`t wearing any underwear either.

“Oh Eric,” I gasped and pulled him closer.

My hands went down to my panties and I started pulling them down. I wanted him and I wanted him now. Eric was apparently as eager as I was and helped me pull them down my legs and threw them on the floor.

In no time he was back between my legs. I grabbed his length and helped him in. I couldn`t wait.

I wasn`t sure what the rush was, but it felt as if I would explode if I didn`t feel him inside me instantly. Luckily Eric didn`t exactly mind my rush. He groaned loudly when I grabbed him and his whole body shivered when he pushed himself inside me.

“This feels so good,” Eric whispered and I couldn`t agree more.

He held me close, his arm around my shoulders. I held him close, my legs around his hips. From hip to neck, you couldn`t push a piece of paper between us.

Eric was kissing and nibbling my neck and I couldn`t help biting Eric`s shoulder, making him groan every time I did it.

Eric and I were frantic and messy, we moved with each other in an intense dance that went faster and faster until I felt the familiar tingle starting in my scalp and working its way through my body.

“Oh Eric,” I shouted when I came and he made strange noises into my neck while spasms rolled through him in his orgasm.

It was a spectacular feeling that our two bodies could give each other so much pleasure. I smiled in pure happiness and kissed Eric`s neck in gratitude and awe.

He lifted his head and turned it slightly and I had his beautiful blue eyes looking into mine, the air between us thick with emotions.

“I love you, Sookie,” he suddenly said and then he kissed me, thus blocking me from answering, which was a good thing because I was taken by surprise and didn`t really know what to reply.

Our whole evening had been one big roller coaster. Felipe de Castro, Eric rejecting me and now this.

I kissed Eric back though I hardly had any energy left.

We were still for several minutes, just kissing each other lightly and enjoying each other`s bodies so close to one another. We were both hot and sweaty and totally spent.

Then Eric pulled out of me and that was when it hit us both simultaneously. We had forgotten one important detail in our hurry to make love.

“Shit, Sookie. I`m so sorry,” Eric said. “I never meant to forget the condom. I never do that. I just….” He started.

I shook my head.

“I should be safe from pregnancy” I started. “I mean, I just had my… well, I shouldn`t really ovulate just yet.” I blushed.

“And I should be safe from diseases. I got tested this summer and you have been my only lover since then.”

“Well, I should hope so,” I teased. But then I remembered Bill. I looked away “I can`t be sure, though.” I continued. “Bill…” And that was all I could say before my vocal cords gave in.

Eric pulled me into his arms and held me close.

“I`m sure we`re fine,” he said. “We can`t have bad luck now. That would be unfair.”

I smiled at his statement. “I don`t think that`s how it works. But just to be on the safe side I will get an appointment with the doctor to get tested.” I said. “And I will get a prescription for some birth control too,” I said in a low voice, not really believing I was discussing this with Eric.

Apparently he saw that more as a declaration of love than as an embarrassing subject. He hugged me and kissed me and I had to remind him of the fact that I had thrown out all the condoms to stop him from instigating another lovemaking session.

Well, he did instigate one, but it involved his mouth and me – and condoms were not needed. I did put condoms on my mental grocery list, though. I both hoped and assumed we would be needing them plenty of times before birth control pills were safe.


Christmas was getting closer and one Saturday Eric went to the attic and came down with a huge box that said `jul`. He pulled out a four-armed candle stick and told me that tomorrow was the first Sunday in advent and that we were going to light the first candle.

“We light a candle. We light it for happiness. We light it for love and for everyone present,” he explained. When I looked at him with huge question signs in my eyes, he continued. “It rhymes in Norwegian.”

Then he started putting up little figures of `nisser`. Men and women with red clothes and a red Santa-hat on their heads.

“Are they Santa`s family?” I asked.

“No, these are nisser who live in the stables and barns and cause trouble if they are not fed with porridge on Christmas Eve.”

“Oh, really? You don`t have a stable,” I laughed.

Eric shrugged. “They can live in the attic too.”

He also hung up electric stars in the windows, glowing white into the dark night. There were still plenty of things left in the box when he put it away again, but he explained it was ornaments for the Christmas tree which wasn`t supposed to be bought or decorated until the day before Christmas.

“What do you want for Christmas?” I asked.

Eric kissed me. “I`ve already gotten my Christmas present. I got it when I picked you up at the airport this summer and I`m getting it every day, it seems.” He smiled.

I didn`t really know what to say since I didn`t have his way with words, so I just smiled back. Well, I stuck my tongue out and then I smiled back.


It turned out that it wasn`t just the advent lights that marked the beginning of Christmas in Norway. On December 1st Eric had hung up a huge calendar with 24 little presents hanging on it. All the presents were numbered from 1 to 24.

“This is a Christmas calendar,” Eric explained. “You can open a present every day until Christmas. They are supposed to be small presents. Actually, small and practical presents. Today you will find a present that is for both you and me.” His eyebrows started waggling and I knew something was up.

I went over and grabbed the present with the number 1 on it. I unwrapped and noticed Eric having trouble finding a neutral expression. He was very smug.

“I suppose this is not a partridge in a pear tree,” I laughed.

“Excuse me?” he asked.

“You know the song?” I started singing `On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me` and that made Eric hug me. It could have been to stop me from singing. I can dance, but I can`t hold a tone.

“If a true love sends partridges on the first day of Christmas then you should definitely have gotten one,” he smiled and kissed me. “I was slightly less romantic when I picked out a little gift for you. Just don`t get offended.”

That made me wonder even more what he had bought. I ripped up the paper and smiled when I saw what he had bought. A condom. A gift-wrapped condom. I looked at it and then at Eric.

“Are all the presents like this?” I asked, giggling at the thought.

“I`m not saying,” he replied.

I started laughing. “This is better than a partridge in a pear tree, that`s for sure.”

It turned out we had much more use for a condom than for a bird in a tree.


I hope this chapter made up for the lack of updating.

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