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I`m amazed to hear how many of you had already seen the Swedish movie Let the Right One In. It really was a great movie, right?

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I was taken completely by surprise when Sookie kissed me. I didn`t mind, of course. I`ve always appreciated it when women showed initiative and I`m fairly used to it too – coming from Scandinavian and all. And looking the way I do.

I double-checked how much Sookie had had from her drink before I kissed her back, not wanting this to be drunk Sookie kissing me now and sober Sookie regretting it in the morning.

She hadn`t had more than a couple of sips, though, so this was not drunk kissing. I then considered the possibility of Sookie just being grateful. Was she kissing me because I`d helped her out? Was she kissing her nurse, so to speak?

I would be thrilled if this was the reaction I would get from all my future patients (yes, I did attend those ethics seminars and yes, I knew it was wrong of me to even think like this – but hey, these are my thoughts and they are nobody`s business but my own) but I wanted more from Sookie. I wanted her to kiss me, to want me and not just be grateful to me.

I held back for several minutes while contemplating the reasons behind Sookie`s kiss. Then I figured that Sookie was a grown-up. A mature woman who could say no if I went too far.

I started kissing her neck to make sure I wasn`t preventing her from stopping me verbally because that`s just the kind of guy I am – responsible and all. Well, I wanted to kiss her neck too. Maybe even mark it a little. Is 26 too old to give someone a hickey?

Sookie never said anything apart from the occasional moan and sigh so I grabbed her butt and pulled her over to straddle me. I kissed her chest and worked my way down to her breasts while pressing her warm body against my groin.

I wanted her so much. I probably should have asked her if she was sure about this but again – Sookie was an adult and I would have stopped if she had told me to. But I didn`t want to ruin this special moment by second guessing her choices. My choices.

I wanted to fuck her. No, I wanted to make love to her. And I wanted it so badly I was almost in pain. In pain because I couldn`t help being afraid Sookie would suddenly stop me. That she would say it was wrong. That we shouldn`t do this.

That she was too scarred from Bill`s attack to want sex with me.

Shit. Maybe she was?

I pulled back and looked her in the eyes, pulled a lock of her hair behind her ear and caressed her cheek. She smiled at me. That amazing smile I hadn`t seen much of lately. The smile made me want to …

I pulled Sookie closer, grabbed her butt tightly and got up. I loved how she tightened her hold on my neck – not to mention how her legs felt around my hips.

I stumbled towards her bedroom. She could say no and she could stop me anytime but I felt more and more confident she wouldn`t. That sex was on her agenda too.

I half threw her on her bed, half fell down with her in my arms and landed some very sloppy and needy kisses on her. Her hands were in my hair and mine were all over her, unbuttoning whatever was buttoned and groping at everything I could grope.

“Jeans off,” Sookie moaned and since I wasn`t sure which jeans she meant, I pulled off both hers and mine. And both our shirts – just to create symmetry. Who wants to be jeans-less and still wear clothes on their upper body? Certainly not me.

I like naked. Always.

Sookie was as sexy as I remembered her. I noticed some changes, some new scars, but all I really saw was the woman I craved so much.

My hands went behind her back and I opened her bra while kissing those lovely breasts of hers. Then my mouth worked its way down her stomach while my hands pulled her panties down. I was just about to let my mouth do its wonders when she stopped me and pulled me back up.

“I want you now,” she said.

I was confused at first. What woman would turn down ….? But I quickly regained my footing and grabbed my pants, pulled out my walled and found the condom I always had there.

Sookie took it out of my hands, opened the foil and rolled the condom on me.

I said something and Sookie may have thought it was in my mother-tongue but it was just a string of random letters that bobbled out of my mouth. Who would have thought it was that good to put on a condom? No – to have a condom put on you.

I`m not sure why my mouth kept wanting to ask “are you sure?” because there was nothing about her that should make me doubt if she was. And when she pulled me on top of her, I closed down my brain and let my body do what my body wanted to do.

Being between Sookie`s legs was where I had wanted to be ever since she left my apartment to go home in January. And now that I was back, I knew exactly why I had missed it so much. It was where I was supposed to be. Inside Sookie.

I entered her, pulled back and buried myself in her again. And again. And again. It was messy and sloppy and fast and … absolutely perfect.

Sookie was groping, pulling my hair and making all kinds of noises that went straight to my heart. No, straight to my groin.

I wanted Sookie to come, I really did, but soon my own orgasm threw me over the edge and with a loud groan I came so hard. I remembered that orgasm is called “little death” in some languages and it made perfect sense to me.

Or maybe that was just a myth. Who knew? Who cared?

I fell on top of Sookie, panting like an 80-year old trying to catch the bus. I pulled out of Sookie, withdrew the condom without really having the energy to dispose of it but managing to throw it in her wastebasket and then falling into the mattress and rolling her on top of me.

A lot of action for a man who had just died a little.

I was in paradise but of course I had a tiny snake inside my head that had to ruin it all, reminding me of the orgasm Sookie hadn`t had.

It wasn`t the first time I`d had sex with someone who hadn`t orgasmed. I`d been 17 once too. Plus some women just didn`t have it in them. Oh, and then there were the occasional one night stands where I had just not given a damn about her. Yeah – shoot me. As if I was the first guy who had solitary fucks with strangers.

But I was 26 now, I knew Sookie wasn`t frigid and most importantly – I cared enough about her to want her to have an orgasm. Or several.

She was breathing easier than me and her fingers were playing with my chest hair. And my nipples.

“Are you okay?” I asked and I immediately regretted. This was the kind of question you only asked if you knew the woman you`d just had sex with would answer “yes” to.

So I held my breath.

Sookie laughed. “I`m more than okay, Eric. I was very nervous about doing this, you know, after … But there were no signs of … I felt … ” She lifted her head and looked at me. “I was just like before, Eric,” she said with a smile. “Nothing`s changed.”

I was thrilled to see her smile but I`d apparently become a masochist without knowing it because I couldn`t keep my mouth shut and just be happy with her.

“But you didn`t have an … ” I started but then I remembered that not everyone discussed details about sex as freely as we did back home.

“An orgasm?” Sookie asked and I mentally shook my head at my own reluctance towards saying the O-word out loud.


“You haven`t left yet, have you?” she asked and kissed my chin. “I wanted you like this … first.”

I was exhausted from our love-making but that word – first – was liquid energy pouring right back into my veins. And my groin.

“Really?” I said, my voice darker pitched than usual.

My hand moved down her body.

“Yes, really,” she said and then she didn`t say anything for a long time.

Sookie did have her orgasm. And another one just for good measure. And the next morning I felt like testing whether I could give her one more.

Sookie and I had spent most of the last 24 hours in bed. Or rather, she had. She did sleep a lot and also needed to just lie back and relax. I hadn`t realized just how tired she got before I spent all my time with her. She`d probably taken rests when I wasn`t there this last week but now I saw just how much time she spent in bed. And not just the time she spent making love to me.

It made me hate Bill even more. Scars I could take and hair would grow out again but seeing Sookie so exhausted over even the smallest things, made me want to hurt him and hurt him badly. I`d never been a violent man but I was willing to change my ways if I ever met Bill again.

“What happened to Bill?” I asked that afternoon after Sookie had taken a nap and I had gone for a run, taken a shower and spent some time just looking at her beautiful, but scarred face.

Sookie turned and looked at me. I should have regretted my question when I saw the sorrow in her eyes but I didn`t. I wanted to know. Needed to know. But my needs meant nothing because Sookie`s mouth turned into a narrow line and she didn`t say anything.

If fact, Sookie never spoke of Bill. Not even about the life they`d had. Her past.

I suppose I didn`t talk all that much about my past – or anything at all, really. We enjoyed each other`s company without having to yap, yap, yap. I liked that. Preferred it. But I was curious about Bill.

I rolled over on my back and stared at Sookie`s ceiling. I was going to leave the next day and we hadn`t spoken about the future yet.

Our future.

If we had one.

“What are your feelings towards me?” I asked out of the blue. I was glad I wasn`t looking at her when that question decided to escape my lips.

“What?” she asked. Then she spent some agonizing minutes contemplating. “I like you, obviously. Are you asking me if I love you?”

Do you? I wanted to ask, but I said nothing. I waited for her response.

“I like you very much, Eric,” she finally said.

“But you don`t love me,” I stated.

“You`re leaving tomorrow.”

“Which is why I`m asking you today.” Why couldn`t she just say that she loved me?

I thought I heard some mean but playful gods laugh at me right now. How many times had I had women tell me they loved me and I hadn`t returned their sentiments? How many women had cried because I didn`t love them and never would?

“It`s not quite love,” she finally said.

“But close,” I added. Not as a question, but as a fact. I hoped.

“But close,” she said to herself.

I nodded into her pillow. Not quite love but close. I could live with that. And it was probably how I felt too. Not quite love but close.

“Will you miss me?” I asked Sookie the next morning. She had decided not to go to the airport with me and we were saying goodbye in her apartment.

“Of course I`ll miss you, Eric.”

I smiled.

“But you`re only 26, Eric, and … ” she continued.

I did not want to hear what she was going to say. I couldn`t believe that she brought up our age difference again. Not now.

“Stop it. I`m not a child,” I cut her off.

“Of course you`re not but you shouldn`t be tied down. Not to me. Not to someone living so far away.”

“Let me make my own decisions,” I said, my voice way colder than I would have wanted it to be on my day of departure.

But I hadn`t made any decisions. Apart from going home and finishing my nursing degree I had no idea what the future would bring. I wanted Sookie in my future but how could I tell her that after knowing her for such a short time? How could I even know?

There was a knock on the door and Sookie went to open it. Pam entered, all smiles and happiness. Couldn`t she see that this was no happy occasion?

“I just wanted to say goodbye, Sookie. We haven`t seen much of each other since my brother hogged you entirely and forgot to share.”

I both welcomed Pam and wanted her to go away. I wanted Sookie to myself but I also hoped Pam might come up with some kind of a solution. That she might ask Sookie to come home with us or something.

Because I certainly couldn`t. What did I have to offer her apart from a tiny apartment full of dust bunnies and sex ad libitum?


Dust bunnies and sex ad libitum doesn`t sound too bad, though?

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked this chapter.

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