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I`ve had several people ask me what kind of clothes Vikings wore so I figured I would post a few pictures. Remember that the Viking age lasted about 300 years and that Vikings lived in an area from Russia to New Foundland and Greenland to Istanbul. Variations in how they dressed were huge.



4 thoughts on “Vikings and Clothes

  1. fffbone says:

    I love the cape in the 4th picture. And the the boat in the 2nd one.
    Those shoes are cool, but are they warm? I’d like to have a pair.

    1. reefchic says:

      Don’t they look so comfy?? I love those!

  2. reefchic says:

    This is so cool, hun! Thanks for sharing. I found some awesome Longship pictures on google the other day, too!

  3. thyra10 says:

    I keep thinking about the cold and wet climate here and feel sorry for the Vikings. They must have been perpetually cold/wet, the poor things. But then wool is great because it dries quickly.
    The “boots” weren`t exactly wellies.

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