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Sooooo in 15 minutes the game between Denmark and Germany will start (yes, we`re talking about football) – a game that will determine if Denmark will advance in the Euro cup, currently being played in Poland and Ukraine. Sweden is already out of the cup so Denmark is the last Nordic country left.

I`m biting my nails in a serious way and am clutching these pictures for good luck:

It`s Danish player Daniel Agger displaying the Danish Viking history on his back.  The names of mportant Viking kings are on the tomb stones and even if this tattoo isn`t exactly pretty, I find it pretty cool – horned helmets and Chinese (?) letters and all.

The Latin text means “We are all going to die. We just don`t know when.”

We are red. We are white. We are Danish Dynamite.

8 thoughts on “Heja Danmark!

  1. reefchic says:

    Very cool. Watching now. XX Denmark!

  2. airamlebasic says:

    Oh wow me likey likey

  3. thyra10 says:

    I`m so nervous.

  4. thyra10 says:

    Denmark didn`t make it *sobs*

  5. Anaman says:

    Okay sorry for those who doesn’t read norwegian 🙂

    Jeg så kampen i går sammen med mine danske og tyske kolleger! Så dumt at Danmark ikke vant! 🙁
    Sverige har få sjanser til å spille videre heller… men jeg håper de vinner i hvert fall kampen mot Frankrike!!

    Anaman 😉

  6. thyra10 says:

    Ja, det var utrolig trist. Det blir noe eget når det er landslaget som spiller – og det på tross av at jeg flyttet for Danmark da jeg var 19.
    Tror ikke Sverige har noen sjanser i det hele tatt hvis jeg har forstått det rett, men kampen mot Frankrike kan jo gi dem litt av æren tilbake.

  7. aemphia says:

    Not sure if you wanted to know this, but the Chinese character on the left means “tiger” and the one on the right looks like a mirror image of the same character.

  8. thyra10 says:

    Thank you for telling me! i was wondering what they were doing in the middle of the Viking tableu.

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