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6 thoughts on “Shieldmaiden Update!

  1. whodat2010 says:

    Could you possibly provide a link to the I Write the Songs stories? I would like to read your Norwegian Wood, but don’t know where to find it. Thanks.

    1. reefchic says:

      I will link it up right now in Thyra’s Human one shots here on this site! I didn’t realize I hadn’t done that yet. Bad, Jennifer! 🙂 Give me about 5 minutes, okay? 🙂

    2. thyra10 says:

      Sure! Here is a link to all the I Write the Songs stories:

      I hope you like them 😀

      1. reefchic says:

        And they are linked on the Norwegian Wood posts, too. 😀

  2. thyra10 says:

    Except that was the 2010 contest, not the 2012 😉

    1. reefchic says:

      Great! I took it off their blog, Will fix it. LOL

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