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I must confess to a youth as a stamp collector (yes, I did spend hours in the dark closet, trying to find out if a stamp was florescent or not) and when the Oseberg Viking ship project (I`ve written about them in an earlier blog post) started posting pictures of stamps with the Oseberg ship on them on their Facebook page, I just had to repost those pictures – and add some of my own:

Stamp Oseberg Canada

I`ll start out with Canada – a country that shares some of our Viking history, as I wrote about in my previous blog post. I`m not sure how old this stamp is but it`s beautiful with the Oseberg ship and the old map.

Denmark has had several stamps with Viking ships on them:

A cute stamp from the Faroe Islands, showing the tiny islands as the center of Viking trade:

The Faroe Islands always have very pretty stamps. Look at this one:Or these:

Or these where Leif Eriksson is mentioned with Christoffer Columbus:

Iceland released these stamps to celebrate the 1000 years since Leif Eriksson came to Vinland (I think this is what the stamps say):

These stamps from Isle of Man are also very pretty:

But the stamps I REALLY love are these two – and it`s because they are so incredibly exotic. I have no idea how anyone in Congo or S. Tome and Principe ever got the idea of making stamps with Viking ships, but here they are:

Stamp Viking ship Congo

Stamp S tome e principe Viking ship

And that was the end of a post where I got to be a nerd about both Vikings and stamps. You`re welcome to share if you have more Viking stamps floating about 🙂

3 thoughts on “Vikings – they are on stamps from all over the world

  1. fffbone says:

    The art work is very nice. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Vikings on stamps. But I never looked for them. Thanks for showing that. Now I’d like some.

    1. thyra10 says:

      Stamps are almost a thing of the past now since no one sends any letters anymore. We only use stamps to send our Christmas cards these days 🙁
      I know some people who don`t collect stamps by country but by topic. Now I want to collect Viking stamps 😀

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