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4 thoughts on “Amazing goal!

  1. Alison says:

    Yes, I will reluctantly agree, it was a fantastic goal, the England team deservedly had their arses kicked !
    Made me think back to this, I was at the game at Wembley and saw him do this, everyone just looked at one another with a ‘did that just happen’. Amazing.

  2. thyra10 says:

    It`s these very special experiences that make me love football. It`s amazing.

    And to be honest – I`m not entirely sure Sweden would have won if not for Zlatan. Actually I`m fairly sure they wouldn`t have. The man is a one-man team when he`s at his best 😀

  3. misslavande22 says:

    oh it is amasing goal, he acually plays for a team in France, they have restarted to win match since he was recruted

    1. thyra10 says:

      Yes, I remember the protests when he was bought. He was extremely expensive and France was in the middle of a financial crisis. I suppose the people who chose to buy him felt he was worth the price – and he certainly is one of a kind!

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