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So many talented fanfiction writers have evolved and taken the big step into the literary world. I`m happy to say that several of my friends and acquaintances are now published writers and  I`m very proud of them.

List of Southern Vampire Mysteries fanfiction writers who have published books

But there`s one friend who is very special to me. She`s published around 70 (!) fanfiction stories and has been my beta reader for years. I`ve even been so lucky as to be able to visit her last summer and was thrilled by the hospitality she and her husband showed my and my family when we came knocking on their door in North Carolina.

If you read Southern Vampire Mysteries fanfiction you know her as Suki59 but she`s just published her first book under the name Suki McMinn.

Suki McMinn

Suki McMinn



If you want to read a story about a vampire who is not 300 years old and knows it all, then this is the book for you because in this book Derek Randall is turned just a few days after he`s met the love of his life. He now has to cope with his new world but finds it hard to stay away from Clara Deveraux. It`s a book with love and suspense – and vampires! –  and with Suki`s inside knowledge of the fashion world in Los Angeles.

Drop Dead Gorgeous by  Suki McMinn

Drop Dead Gorgeous by Suki McMinn

This is the blurb from Amazon:

Derek Randall had a perfect life as an L.A. supermodel falling in love with Clara Devereux, his dream girl. But when he’s murdered and becomes a vampire, his world is turned upside down by his evil maker, Madeline. He struggles with his new existence, finds help from his nest of brothers, and goes to Clara. They renew their love and hatch a plan that will get him back in the spotlight, but it’s a dangerous game, and as Madeline circles closer, Derek has to choose: his life or Clara’s. 

This book is the first in a series about vampires in Los Angeles. I loved Suki`s first book and can`t wait for the next one to be published! And I hope this book sells a gazillion copies 🙂

Suki McMinn`s book Drop Dead Gorgeous

5 thoughts on “My Friend Wrote a Book – Read it!

  1. suki59 says:

    Thank you, Thyra! What a lovely post! You are too sweet. <3

    1. thyra10 says:

      I just want your book to sell and hope this little blog post may help a bit. You`ve written a great book and I really hope a lot of people will read it!

  2. thyra10 says:

    Double reply…

  3. Kary says:

    Backtick: `
    Apostrophe: ‘

    Please use the latter. I love your blog, but your use of the backtick removes focus from your articles, and that’s a crying shame!

    1. thyra10 says:

      You mean this one ` instead of this one ´?
      I`m sure I have plenty of mistakes in my English and I`m sorry if it takes focus from my blog posts. My blog posts haven`t been betaed as opposed to my stories so they reveal my all my shortcomings when it comes to the English language :-/

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