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This week or next week most Scandinavian kids have their winter vacation. For a lot of Norwegians that means going to the cabin (check out my post about the Norwegian cabin).

And this is where I am now – our cabin. Because it`s so incredibly beautiful up here now (and because I`ve already spammed people on Facebook), I thought I would show you a few pictures.

This is what our cabin looked like when we came up here on Friday. My brother in law had been here on Wednesday and we still had to shovel for an hour to find the door to the cabin.

The door to the cabin is down there ... somewhere (after working hard to dig it out from the snow)

The door to the cabin is down there … somewhere (after working hard to dig it out from the snow)

Snow high up on the window

Snow high up on the window

The windows from the outside

The windows from the outside

We had a couple of days where we had to dig our way out of the cabin every morning but then the lovely weather broke out. I give you: Postcards from Winter Wonderland (or Sjusjøen as the area is called). The quality of the pictures is so-so as I forgot to bring my camera and had to make do with my phone.

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And here are a couple of panorama shots.


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4 thoughts on “Postcards from Winter Wonderland (Sjusjøen, Norway)

  1. fffbone says:

    First off the pictures are beautiful. So amazing. ALL that Snow and the sky! It looks way to cold for me. But I would love to see it.

    That’s alot of snow! OMG Then I noticed the telephone poles and wires. What I thought was a car was a roof top. I love how the trees look. It’s beautiful. Do you have a snowplow or a snowmobile? That would be fun. How long does it take for all that snow to melt? (does it?)

    I love the first panorama with the violet/pink sky. Is it morning or night? (How long is daylight now?). Amazing. Have fun and stay warm!

    1. thyra10 says:

      Thank you! It`s not very cold – only around minus seven degrees Celsius which is “warm” for this area. We`re used to temperatures down to minus 15-20.

      We were caught a bit by surprise by the snow as well because in Oslo we`ve hardly had any snow – my first year with that little snow in the 28 years I`ve lived in Oslo. Sjusjøen is only two hours away from Oslo but the climate is quite different.

      There`s a snowplow that keeps the roads free but we have to use our muscles to get to the cabin. Better than any fitness center 😉

      The snow usually melts in May/June. We have a saying in these parts of Norway: “If the snow can carry a grown man in mid-June, it`ll be a late Spring.”

      The violet/pink sky is in the afternoon. It gets orange and pink and violet and blue when the sun sets. It`s amazing! The sun set around five but it`s light more than an hour after that due to the snow.

      Have fun too! 😀

  2. Liliput says:

    Gorgeous! We have been complaining about the amount of snow this year in Toronto, but its nothing compared to that!! And we’ve also been dealing with this polar vortex thing, that I find a bit suspicious – I think we used to just call it winter. You know you’re Canadian when you feel like -6 c is balmy ! But that’s all in a city; you’re cabin looks to be in such a beautiful, picture perfect area. 🙂 Do you go there in the summer? What is it like then?

    1. thyra10 says:

      Hehe, I know all about that feeling that minus 6 c is just a liiiiitle bit too warm 😉

      We do go here in the summer as well. It`s beautiful in the summer too. A bit wet so you`ll need good boots if you want to hike but if you walk up the nearest mountain you can see pretty far away on a good day and that`s worth the hard work 😀

      I`m Danish (and Denmark is flat as a pancake) so I don`t have that Norwegian “if you see a mountain you have to climb it” thing but I still enjoy the view from the top of them.

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