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This blog was originally made by Reefchic because she thought I should have a place outside for my fanfiction. I’m so grateful to her but my blog has developed into a blog about Vikings and Scandinavia – two things I LOVE to talk about  – more than fanfiction. I haven’t even moved all of my stories over here yet.

But now I want to turn everyone’s attention back to fanfiction because I’m so thrilled that I’m practically jumping up and down. I’ve been nominated to “All Time Favorite True Blood Fanfiction” (yes, yes, I write Southern Vampire Mysteries fanfiction but we’re often lumped together) by Fanatic Fanfics Award.

Dead with the Vikings - a Thyra10 Fanfiction

Dead with the Vikings – a Thyra10 Fanfiction and an Alby90 banner

So many great fanfics have been nominated in so many interesting categories and I’m truly honored to be mentioned among them. It’s my most popular story, Dead with the Vikings, that has been nominated.

Sookie Stackhouse wakes up one morning to find herself thrown back in time to when Eric Northman was alive and breathing and not yet turned into a vampire.

Read Dead with the Vikings at

I want to thank everyone who’s been emailing, Tweeting and PMing me about this nomination. I would never have known if it wasn’t for you guys! I also want to thank Rascalthemutant for betaing this baby. I wrote it back in 2010 but it’s still one of the stories I’ve had the most fun writing. I love the Viking age (as some of you might have guessed) and my story is probably based on my secret dream of waking up in the Viking age myself one morning. It hasn’t happened yet, but who knows?

If you want to vote for my story – or any of the great stories nominated with mine – you can do it here.


10 thoughts on “Yay! I’ve been nominated!

  1. suki59 says:

    I just voted for you, Thyra! Dead with the Vikings is a classic that deserves to win. 🙂

    1. thyra10 says:

      Thank you! It’s such a thrill when people like a story I had a lot of fun writing.

  2. gyllene says:

    Congrats! I just voted. This is one of my favorite fanfiction stories. I hope you win.

    1. thyra10 says:

      Thank you! That was very sweet of you! *hugs*

  3. Ida says:

    congrats 🙂

    1. thyra10 says:

      Thank you!

  4. Alison Griffiths says:

    Done and done, and thanks for letting us know, I’d never heard of it. I better let ‘my’ authors know too just in case. Congrats!!

    1. thyra10 says:

      You definitely should! I’d never heard about it either if it hadn’t been for the emails, tweets and PMs I got. I’m very grateful that they let me know about this. Not just because I’m honored but also because I now got a whole lot of new stories to read – and in other fandoms too 🙂

  5. ReefChic7 says:

    Aww, shout out for me! Dead With The Vikings is an amazing fic, love it! I hope you win! Also, so glad about the success of this blog, honey! You are so hard not to love! <3

    1. thyra10 says:

      You certainly deserve it! I love my blog 🙂

      Thank you! *hugs*

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