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Imagine you’re an ordinary 13 year old boy minding your own business, when Thor (the God of Thunder – not the Marvel character) suddenly appears in a stroke of lightning and takes you to Valhalla. And imagine that the Norse mythology is not just a mythology – it’s real!

This is the beginning of the book Erik Menneskesøn (Erik Son of Humans), written by Danish Lars-Henrik Olsen. Now there are plans for making this book into a movie – a movie I really want to see!

The reason why I want to see it is not because I liked the book (well, I did but I was not really in the target group for the book when I read it). I really want to see this movie because the director seems to take history seriously. And she seems to be thorough with the details, making this a (hopefully) historically correct movie – maybe the first historically correct Viking movie ever.

Check out how she sees the movie:

Crowd funding

To make this movie happen Edith Tvede Byg-Fabritius, a Danish filmdirector, screenwriter and producer, is asking for help. She needs money to make a teaser for the movie about Erik Menneskesøn, a teaser she can use when she talks to producers to get the money that a full movie costs.

If you help her with money, you’ll receive various objects – and the honor of helping what might just be the first Viking movie that has actually been thoroughly researched when it comes to clothes, houses, people etc. into production. I’ve already put my money where my mouth (or fingers on the keyboard) is and have paid to support the production of this movie teaser. If you’re intrigued by this, you might want to consider doing it as well.

Support the production of the movie teaser here.


Which actors would you like to see in this movie?

It seems she wants to use Scandinavian actors and I’m thrilled by the thought. Not that actors from other countries can’t play Vikings but I do have a few local actors in mind that I would love to see in this movie.

But I want to hear your ideas too. Do you have any actors – Scandinavian or not – that you would like to see in a new Viking movie? Remember that this book has a lot of important female characters as well!

If you need inspiration for the male characters, check out my blog post about the ten best male Scandinavian actors!

Scandinavian actors 10 Scandinavian actors 9 Scandinavian actors8 The Killing Scandinavian actors 6 Scandinavian actors5  Scandinavian actors4Scandinavian actors3 Scandinavian actors2 Sofia Helin as Saga Norén in The BridgeGustaf, Bill and Alexander SkarsgårdMax von SydowScandinavian actor11nicolai cleve brochPeter Stormarejesper christensenscandinavian actor13ulrich thomsenScandinavian actor12Anders danielsen lie

(How many of these Scandinavian actors and actresses do you know? 😀 )


For more information

Did this make you curious about Erik Menneskesøn?

Erik Menneskesøn

Erik Menneskesøn

Read more about Erik Menneskesøn on Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Support the production of a new Viking movie!

  1. Joona says:

    Aparently this is a children’s book… Cover reminds me somewhat of Ronja Röversdotter. WHich by no means is a bad thing. I still reread Broderna Lejonhjärta (Veljeni Leijonamieli) occasionally.

    If the author has done his background research well, all the better. And good luck for the production.

    And… uh. No Viggo Mortensen, please. He’s a fine actor, but now hopelessly branded as Aragorn. As for females, Kristianna Löken can act worth shit, but she makes a fine ice queen as in Ring of the Nibelungs… or a terminator robot 😉

  2. Joona says:

    And, oh, Stormare (perhaps with a bit of ageing makeup) would make a good Odin. But I guess that is already reserved for the obvious Max von Sydow. His left eye is almost crimpled shut already as is 😛

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