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Do you want to read romance from Scandinavia? Or maybe from North Carolina? How about some Steampunk? We have it all–and so much more–in the new anthology Love in Bloom.

Love in Bloom has short stories that are steamy, short stories that are sweet, and everything in between. The best part? You’ll support breast cancer research if you buy the book as all proceeds will be donated.

Love in bloom stories Thyra Dane Suki McMinn

Love in Bloom stories

Here are all the great stories, and a little bit about the authors behind the anthology:

Thyra Dane – Cosplay

Thyra Dane loves the freezing Scandinavian winters. She was born in Denmark but moved north to Norway where she lives with her husband and their two teenagers. She runs a blog (this one!) where she writes about everything from Vikings to How to Date a Scandinavian.

Charlotte has one close friend. Unfortunately, that close friend lives in Norway, and Charlotte has never seen her before. A cosplay convention in Oslo is Charlotte’s chance at finally meeting her online BFF, but when the masks come off, Charlotte is in for a big surprise.


Thyra Dane - Cosplay

Thyra Dane – Cosplay

Sherri L. Hollister – R&R

Sherri Lupton-Hollister, author of the Leeward Files romantic suspense series, dreamed of being a romance writer. Later, she learned she enjoyed murder and blowing things up but that might have something to do with raising six sons. Married to an almost-reformed bad boy, Sherri and her mechanic husband enjoy camping, biking, swimming and hiking along the shores of eastern North Carolina. They are active with their family and in their community.

Sherri is the chairperson of the Pamlico Writers’ Group and the hostess of Book in a Week with her local Romance Writers of America group.

A career ending case, a beautiful young police officer and the healing waters of the rural North Carolina shores. Agent Alejandro Hernandez shouldn’t be thinking about romance, he should be trying to salvage his what’s left of his career.

Restless, Officer Jamie Smith, is a small-town cop looking for something more. She never expected to find it with her brother’s handsome and haunted partner, FBI agent Alejandro Hernandez.

When a crime boss bent on revenge comes looking for Alejandro, anyone close to him could end up dead. Will he be able to save the innocents this time, or will history repeat itself?

Sherri L Hollister - R&R

Sherri L Hollister – R&R

Miranda Jameson – Cherry Blossom & Blood Bonds

Miranda Jameson grew up in India immersed in stories of gods, goddesses, elephant-riding princes and bejewelled princesses. She firmly believes there is magic all around us if we only take a minute to look.

She now lives in North Yorkshire, England, where she translates her passion for art, history, mythology and travel, into writing action-packed paranormal romances with all the ‘feels’.

She loves honourable badass heroes with undiscovered depths, and smart dauntless heroines who can save themselves.

When not clicking away on her laptop, she runs mum’s taxi service and the bank of mum. In other words, she’s got teenagers. Coffee, gin, and good friends, keep her sane.

Kids, duty, politics, and grieving – a vampire’s life is a lot like yours. Vampire couple Henri and Ysabeau have enjoyed one hundred and three years of mated bliss. They’re unbreakable, aren’t they?

But happily ever afters aren’t all hearts and flowers. When life, death, and the stuff in between drive this powerful couple apart, fate and a good friend may need to come to the rescue.

Sometimes, all you need is love.

Miranda Jameson - Cherry Blossoms &

Miranda Jameson – Cherry Blossoms & Blood Bonds

Suki McMinn – The Iris

Suki McMinn writes contemporary paranormal fiction. Drop Dead Gorgeous, the first novel in her L.A. Vamps Series, is an adult vampire romance with an L.A. supermodel who bites. Suki’s Hogback Series begins with The Vampire of Waller County. These novelettes are cozy vampire mysteries with sweet romance and humor. “The Iris” takes place in Hogback, but there are (*clears throat*) adult activities.

After working as a model and commercial actor in Los Angeles and a newspaper columnist in North Carolina, Suki now lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband and dogs and spends her summers in Tryon, North Carolina. She’s a member of the Desert Rose chapter of the Romance Writers of America and a founding member of Tryon Writers. Suki writes nonfiction as Susan McNabb.

Jackson was once just the pottery teacher Amber drooled over, but now he’s invited her into his world. Will she take a chance on a new life, or will Jackson’s dark secret turn her dream into a nightmare?

Suki McMinn - The Iris

Suki McMinn – The Iris

Rachell Nichole – Blooming for Sir

Rachell Nichole is the contemporary erotic romance author of over a dozen romances, including The Marietta Hotels Series, The K Club series, and the Dommes by Night series. She loves creating memorable characters and putting them through the paces on their discovery for and journey to love. Rachell lives in Pennsylvania with a mountain of books and the man of her dreams.

It’s springtime in Spartan Nevada, and that means it’s time for the K Club’s 2nd annual fetish ball to raise money for a good cause. This year, one of the club’s owners has chosen a cause close to his heart – the Madison Foundation that helped him when he was a homeless LGBT youth.

Syneca Madison Lexington is delighted Dusty wants to help her foundation, particularly since she’s quickly running out of the trust fund money she could still access when her own parents disowned her for being bisexual. But a submissive auction? She doesn’t know if that’s something she can get behind or not.

When Jensen Elmwood enters the K Club, intent on purchasing himself a submissive for the night, the last thing he expects is to run into the one woman he’s loved since he was a kid, the same woman who’s been engaged to his brother since high school.

When the sparks reignite between them, can a springtime romance bloom into something more? Or will their past hurts and old family influences tear them apart?


Rachell Nichole - Blooming for Sir

Rachell Nichole – Blooming for Sir

Catherine Stein – Love is in the Airship

Catherine Stein is the author of sassy, sexy stories set during the Victorian and Edwardian eras and full of action, adventure, magic, and fantastic technologies. Catherine lives in Michigan with her husband and three rambunctious girls. She can often be found dressed in clothing that was purchased at a Renaissance Festival, drinking copious amounts of tea.

Her Potions and Passions series takes place in a Victorian-era world where magic potions drive technology and feisty heroines and dashing heroes risk it all for life and love.

Things to remember when fleeing your own wedding:

🗹 mechanical serpents could lead you astray

🗹 accidental kidnappings always involve the former boy-next-door

🗹 sky pirates hold grudges

🗹 sometimes all love needs is a second chance

🗹 Happily Ever After. Guaranteed.

Catherine Stein - Love is in the Airship

Catherine Stein – Love is in the Airship

Jess Taylor – The Rain in Spring Falls Mainly …

Jess Taylor is a freelance ghost writer living in southern West Virginia. While most of her work is on lockdown with non-disclosure agreements, she specializes in all things romance.  She has a fondness for good coffee, good tea, and good friends.  She’s the proud human for three rescue dogs, Mugsie, Delilah, and Scruff.  She possesses a Bachelor’s degree in English from Concord University and welcomes new friends on Facebook.

Tara is a woman in desperate need of a love makeover.  While she is successful in her occupation and hobbies, she has a few phobias which keep her out of reach from anyone interested in dating her.  Enter Laura.  In a case of mistaken identity, Laura gives Tara hope for a future, but will her own cold feet destroy the relationship before it begins? Can these two women overcome all the obstacles in their own hearts to dance together when the rain falls mainly on the plain?

Jess Taylor - The Rain in Spring Falls Mainly ...

Jess Taylor – The Rain in Spring Falls Mainly …

Lara Temple – Second Chance at Stonybrook

Lara Temple writes strong, sexy regency romances for Harlequin Mills & Boon about complex individuals who give no quarter but do so with plenty of passion.

Lara lives with her husband and two children who are very good about her taking over the kitchen table for her writing (so she can look out over the garden and dream). She loves to travel (especially to places steeped in history) and read as many books as possible.

Years ago Sophie fell in love with billionaire Adam Tarrant while on a journalistic assignment in Brazil, only to discover she was nothing more than a spring fling. Eight years later she finds herself forced to share a cottage with him in the Lake District. Will a weekend with the man who broke her heart mean more pain, or a new beginning?

Lara Temple - Second Chance at Stonybrook

Lara Temple – Second Chance at Stonybrook

Anna Volkin – French Kisses

Anna Volkin loves fresh starts disguised as new challenges. Writing is her newest one: as she takes snippets of inspiration from reality, her brain tricks her into building stories upon them.

Her contemporary romances are seasoned with a pinch of sass, a spoonful of heat and a dash of humor, serving up the happy endings her characters deserve.

An uptight fashion designer who needs to get his dog under control. A tough dog trainer who can’t tell fuchsia from magenta to save her life. Do they stand a dog’s chance at love?

Anna Volkin - French Kisses

Anna Volkin – French Kisses

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