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There was a technical error in fanfic when I posted chapter 2 which meant that you didn`t get the subscription notice – and then you got two or three. It also meant that for most of Sunday, you couldn`t review and I couldn`t see how many readers the story had. That was one frustrating day, let me tell you!

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OK, frustrations aside. I got a lot of comments saying that you liked that Sookie said no to the blond striker. So now I can`t wait for your reactions to this chapter…

Thank you so much to Rascalthemutant for reading this and correcting my mistakes – even if she gets the same ones again and again (apparently you can`t teach an old Dane new tricks).

Chapter 3


The plane ride home was like a kindergarten class on the bus to the zoo. Laughter, happiness and a lot of silly fun. Only one person was skulking from take off to landing. Northman.

He was so used to always getting what he wanted and now he was brooding because one woman, a woman he didn`t even like, had said no to him. I shook my head. Northman really needed to grow up.

We went in different directions after landing and I decided to go straight to the gym at our stadium, to work out the stiff muscles from the plane ride.

I was all alone, which suited me just perfectly. I put my iPod in the stereo and found `Roxanne` by The Police. That was my `stretch before work out`-song and soon I was singing “you don`t have to put on the red light” while making sure my muscles were ready for some running and weight lifting.

Suddenly I was singing in a duet. I whipped around and looked right into a part of Northman that had brought me pleasure just two nights ago. I blushed and quickly looked up at his face.

“I thought I was the only one who liked The Police,” he said. No smile, but also no brooding.

“And I thought I was the only one working out tonight.” I got up and went to my iPod. “I think this is a Police song that fits you better.”

I put on `Every Breath You Take` and noticed a smile spreading on his face.

“So you think I belong to you?” he asked tentatively.

“WHAT … no! Do you even know what the song is about?” I couldn`t believe how he could misunderstand me. “The song is about a stalker. You stalked me here, Northman!”

He looked shaken for a few seconds. “Of course I didn`t. I have a crazy ass coach who thinks I should work out all the time. Apparently it will make me a better football player.” His voice had turned very cold.

“Right,” I said, making it clear I didn`t believe him. “Do you mind if I change the music? Police is my stretch-out music. Now I want to go for the treadmill-songs.”

I put on AC/DC`s Back in Black and caught a glimpse of surprise in Eric Northman`s face. I went over to one of the treadmills, got up on it and pressed a few buttons.

Northman got up on the one next to mine and I noticed how he put his at a speed just above mine. After having run for a minute or so, I adjusted my treadmill to go a bit faster. Northman immediately adjusted his as well. I smiled inwardly. I`m a fast runner and Northman is one lazy butt. I decided to make this pissing contest one he would remember.

I adjusted my treadmill and felt my legs and my lungs take in the extra speed. Northman of course adjusted his as well and I decided this would be a contest on stamina rather than speed. I had stamina. Northman didn`t.

We had run through Hell`s Bells and Shoot to Thrill and were halfway in What do You do for Money, Honey when I heard Northman`s breath getting louder and more forceful. I looked at him from the corner of my eye and could see how his face was turning redder.

I couldn`t help smiling to myself. Eric needed to be taught a lesson and be pulled down from the pedestal he had put himself on.

I adjusted my treadmill to go a little bit faster and I was pretty sure I heard a gasp from about two meters to my left.

To his credit, we ran all the way to You Shook Me all Night Long, before he caved in. I was almost impressed – and happy because I was not sure how much longer I could have kept running, great stamina or not.

He jumped off his treadmill and went for the bench press.

“Hey, if you are finished showing off over there, Stackhouse, maybe you could give me a hand here?” Northman shouted.

“Sure. Wouldn`t want you to break your nose when you lose your grip.” I deliberately said `when` and not `if`.

“Nope. Gotta look pretty for the girls, you know.” He was making a joke, but he looked away awkwardly when he said it.

I helped him put weights on the barbell and he got down on his back and started lifting. I took my position at his head, making sure I had a grip on the barbell, should he lose his.

He lifted ten times, then got up and put on more weight. I knew from his work out charts that he was pressing his limit with the weight he was going to lift now so I moved in and focused to make sure he wasn`t having any accidents. I tried to look at the barbell, but couldn`t help staring at his biceps. They danced up and down.

Suddenly I felt a stare and looked straight down in Northman`s eyes.

“See something you like?” he smirked.

I rolled my eyes. What an ass.

After ten lifts, Northman got up and put on more weights.

“Is that wise, Northman?” I asked.

“So one day I`m a lazy bastard and the next you think I should take it easy?”

He pulled out yet another weight and I was seriously worried. I made sure I had a good grip on the barbell when he lifted it. His face got red and he groaned loudly under the pressure. My stupid brain immediately remembered when I had last heard that groan.

I could almost see the pain in Eric Northman`s face, but he gritted his teeth and lifted the bar ten times. When he was done, he stayed down for a moment while I went to the leg press.

I put on my usual weight and started working it. After my first round, I got up. Northman apparently wanted to build some thigh muscles too and added 20 kilos to the amount I had lifted and worked it.

I knew this was another pissing contest, but I couldn`t help myself. When it was my turn, I put on 10 more kilos, forced myself to smile and pushed.

It felt like giving birth to a bowling ball and my thigh muscles were writing angry notes to my brain. Shit, this was heavy. I somehow managed to make it through the ten pushes and got up on my now wobbling legs.

Northman of course put on even more weight. I couldn`t see how much, but I knew I had to lift it afterwards. I did so not want to lose face to him.

When he was done, I sat down in the leg press again. I didn`t put on more weight, but almost got a hernia from lifting what Northman had just lifted.

“You don`t have to lift the same as me, you know. You ARE a woman,” I heard an annoying voice say. Jesus Christ, couldn`t he let me suffer alone. Did he have to gloat?

“Men and women have the same amount of lower body muscles if one adjusts for height,” I managed to say with the little air I had left in my lungs.

“Sookie,” he said in a playful tone. “Look at us. I`m 195 centimeters tall and you are … you are itty bitty.”

I let go of the leg press so fast it smashed down with a loud bang. I got up, which was quite an achievement.

“I am not itty bitty.” I looked down at my index finger which was pressing itself into his chest. “I am a goddamned strong woman and I`m fucking good at what I do so just lay off the comments.”

I knew I was ranting and I hated myself for it. I tried to stop the word vomit, but it kept coming.

“I can make you a great football player instead of just a good one, but you are so self-absorbed, you can`t even see that. You think you are fucking perfect, and you do have a great talent, but you have been wasting that talent the last ten years. Don`t you ever wonder how far you can go if you put a little effort into it? Fucking hell!”

I knew I had to get out of there before I started quoting Yogi Berra or something. I ran for the locker room. Actually I stumbled because my legs were still aching.

The wooden benches had never looked as appealing as they did just then. I sat down and exhaled. And then I exhaled again. I couldn`t make up my mind whether to take a shower or go home so I just sat there.

Suddenly the door opened.

“This is the women`s locker room, Northman. The sign on the door with a person wearing a skirt should give you a hint. So piss off.”

Eric Northman did no such thing. He walked in with a smirk plastered all over his way too good-looking face.

“So you can go to my locker room when you want to, but I can`t come to yours. That hardly seems fair,” he said, his smile becoming more dangerous.

“What do you want, Northman?”

“Do your legs hurt?” he asked.

“Of course, my legs hurt. What`s your point, apart from gloating?”

“Okay, my arms hurt too. From the bench press.”

“Good for you, Northman. Now will you turn around and get out of here?” I was getting pretty agitated.

“So I was just wondering,” he continued as if I hadn`t said a thing. “I was wondering which position you and I are going to fuck in since we are both in severe pain.”

I gaped and Eric Northman used my stunned silence to walk over to me and get down on his knees between my legs. He pulled my work out pants down carefully so as not to put extra strain on my thighs. He was surprisingly gentle and then I realized that his arms were hurting so much, he couldn`t be anything but gentle. I bent down and pulled my shoes and pants all the way off.

Eric Northman looked me in the eyes and then his face went down between my legs and he started licking and sucking me. I couldn`t help moaning, partly from what he was doing to me and partly from what I knew he was going to do. I leaned back against the wall.

His broad shoulders pressed my thighs apart and after a while the pain disturbed the pleasure.

My personal licker stopped and looked up. Then he seemed to realize what was wrong and he pulled my legs onto his shoulders where they rested just perfectly. He then resumed his urgent business and I was brought closer to locker room heaven – and any pain I may have been in, was forgotten.

I couldn`t help yelling out my pleasure when I came, which of course made Northman look insufferably pleased with himself. He carefully took my legs down from his shoulders and put them on the floor.

He then drew out a condom from his pants pocket, pulled his pants and underwear down and put on the condom. Before I caught my breath after the mind-bending orgasm he just gave me, he grabbed my hips, pulled me closer to him and pushed himself slowly into me, while holding on to my legs.

Eric Northman was born with a football talent he never really bothered to polish to perfection, but as much as I hated to admit it, he was not lazy in the sex department. He started out slowly and then pushed harder and harder while kissing me deeply.

I could feel his hands trembling on my hips and realized that his arms were in pain from the bench press. I carefully lifted my legs, even if it was painful, and pulled him closer by locking my ankles on his back.

I then took his hands from my hips, kissed his knuckles and whispered to him. “You can do the job with your legs, I`ll use my arms.”

I grabbed his butt and pulled him like he had pulled my hips. His arms weren`t unemployed, though, because he had one sneaking it`s way under my t-shirt and sports bra to my breast and one going down between my legs.

His hands, his cock and his mouth on my neck were all doing their job perfectly. I was quickly running towards a wonderful orgasm. And I wasn`t running on any treadmill. I was moving forward. Fast.

I could feel his butt muscles tighten and knew he was getting close as well.

“Fuck, Northman,” I yelled.

“You are! You are fucking me good, ” he murmured.

And by that we tumbled over the edge together. Again. What were the odds?

Northman hung over me for a few minutes and I wasn`t exactly pushing him to move. The less movement right now, the better. Actually I just wanted to roll over and sleep, but I knew I would have to crawl down to my car and drive my way home to find the luxury of a mattress. What on earth had possessed me to have sex in the locker room?

I suddenly stiffened. If both Northman and I had chosen to go work out after the plane ride, someone else might get the bright idea too. I pushed at Eric`s shoulders to make him get up.

He jumped up, took off the condom, pulled up his underwear and pants and walked towards the door. Then I suddenly thought of something. I got up and pulled my own pants up and looked at him.

“How come you had a condom in your pocket?” I asked, dreading the answer.

He just looked at me with the smug smile I had come to hate.

“You asshole,” I shouted.

He looked at me with a mock-innocent expression. “I thought I was a lazy bastard?” And with that he was out the door.

Oh, he was a bastard, all right.


The striker has to win a few arguments too, right? *whistles innocently*

So what do you prefer – Sookie slamming the door in Eric`s face or her saying yes? Personally I prefer a little of both.

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