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Wow, thank you for all the great reviews, PMs and for subscribing and making this story your favorite. It warms my football-loving heart. And this time I`m giving you a longer chapter for all your kind words 😀

Thank you so much, Rascalthemutant, for reading this and giving it thumbs up. Also thank you to all the lovely ladies at the Alexander Skarsgård Library Forum for teaching me how to say “oral sex on men” in less clinical terms.

Chapter 4:


I felt like skipping all the way home. I got in my car, though, with a smirk glued on my face. I felt good. So good. So fucking good.

I was so pleased with myself. Sookie had given me a run for my money, but I had shown her. I was in control and she had been like clay in my hands.

And I had had great sex. No, fantastic sex. In the god-damned locker room. I got hard just thinking about it.

When I came home, I took a quick shower and went to bed. For the first time since Sookie started in the club, I actually looked forward to seeing her next day. I owned her and she would certainly know it during training.

So it was with a huge smile I met the team and the coaches the next day. And fuck did that smile get wiped off fast.

Sookie went berserk on my sorry ass. Push-ups, interval running, practice shots – and always her high pitched voice in my ears. Fucking bitch. I was dead at the end of the day and knew I would have to do something. My chance came when Sookie and I suddenly were alone at one end of the football field.

“I would have said you needed cock if I hadn`t known you just had my perfect specimen last night. What the hell is wrong with you? Don`t take our locker room action out on me, you mean bi…”

I never got to finish my sentence.

“You need to shut up, Northman, and you need to start showing me some respect. If you think I`m giving you any sort of special treatment, you are so wrong. Look around. Everyone else is working so much harder than your whining ass and you still complain. You are a fucking piece of work. I`m busting my butt to make you a better player and all I get is bitching. So just shut up and do as you`re told. And one more word of disrespect, you`re off the team.”

What the hell?

“What the hell, bitch? You can`t haul me off the team. I`m the fucking star striker.”

“In case you haven`t noticed, there are plenty of talented and younger strikers who work hard to try to take your place. Look at Quinn`s progression, for instance. If you don`t straighten up, he`ll get the chance sooner rather than later.” Sookie narrowed her eyes. “And the first thing you need to do is respect your fucking coach.”

“Respect is earned, Sookie,” I spat out.

“I have earned your respect, Northman. But you`ve failed to notice because you`re so focused on my tits and my lack of dick. Now is the time for you to give me your respect. Even if you have to fake it. I`m not kidding about you being off the team if you don`t show the right attitude.” She poked her index finger into my chest.

And then the weirdest thing happened. I was tongue-tied. The cat had fucking come into my mouth and stolen my tongue just when I needed it most. So I grabbed her finger and held it tightly. We had a staring contest for about five minutes before Sookie blinked and growled.

“Grow up, Northman.”

And then she walked off.

The bitch. The fucking bitch.

I hated her, I really did. And yet, all I wanted was to fuck her again.

My dying need to screw my coach made me actively look for her after the team training sessions. I spent way too much time in the work-out room, always with a condom in my pants. And I ran. I ran more than the fucking five kilometers my bitch coach wanted me to run. And for some reason, my running sessions always ended up in her neighborhood.

I was so pussy whipped, it was embarrassing. I should have opened my little black book with phone numbers and called one of the lovely ladies to work on my growing case of blue balls, but I didn`t. I wanted to screw Sookie. And I wanted her out of my life and my club.

When the hell did life get so complicated?


I always had an eye on Northman and his progression. He seemed to work harder, he disrespected me less – at least out in the open, but he was all over the place in his game. Some days he would excel and work magic and other days he would play like a third-grader. He was a liability and I could see how it was eating his self-confidence.

Which was what I wanted. Great athletes had to go down in the basement from time to time, to find a new and improved version of themselves. After a particularly rotten game, I decided now was the time to have a serious conversation with him. So I cornered him after practice.

“We need to have a talk, Northman,” I told him. “How about you go shower and meet me in my office in an hour?”

He looked at me and nodded slowly. Then he got a dangerous glimpse in his eye.

“How about I take you out for dinner and we`ll have the talk there,” he smiled and added, “coach?”

My gut reaction was to say no, but then I figured it could actually be to my advantage that we would have people around us. Less risk that he walked out on me in the middle of the conversation.

“Okay, Northman. We`ll talk over dinner. Let`s meet in front of the stadium in an hour.”

“With all due respect, Sookie. I don`t take girls out in my jeans. I want to go home and change first. Maybe you want to find your inner girl too?”

“Sure, I can find my inner girl too,” I laughed, pronouncing the `too` to indicate that I was expecting guyliners and metrosexual clothing on Northman.

“Too funny, Sookie. Watch me die from laughter,” he rolled his eyes. “I`ll pick you up at seven.”

And then he was off before I managed to say that I would prefer to go by myself. I hated being picked up.

Five to seven I looked at myself in the mirror and was quite pleased with what I saw. I usually wore jeans or some kind of work out pants. Now I wore a dress. And the dress hugged me in all the right places.

I had nothing against dresses, I just never had any occasions to wear them. Actually I never had any occasions to dress up at all. So it was almost weird to see the feminine woman who looked back at me in the mirror.

At seven o`clock sharp the door bell rang and I opened it to find a very different Northman from what I was used to. He wore a suit and looked amazing. It was probably tailormade because it fit him perfectly. The blue shirt brought out the color of his eyes. He even smelled great.

His mouth was open in surprise when he saw me. I suppose I should wear dresses a little more often. Or maybe not. Having guys drool over me wasn`t what I usually wanted. I wanted them to forget my sex and listen to what I had to say.

But I would be using it to my advantage this time. I was ready. I may not have been a man with a plan, but I was certainly a dame with one.

“Wow, you look handsome,” I smiled.

“You too, Sookie. Well, not handsome. You look great!” I got to see all his 32 teeth flashing.

“Why thank you, Mr. Northman.” I teased. “Now, can we leave? I`m starving!”

He took my hand and even if I felt rather exposed holding his hand in public, I figured it was all for the best. When he pressed the button on his car key to unlock the car, I heard the blip-blip and looked up. I internally groaned.

“You don`t expect me to go in that penis-enlarger of a car?” I pointed to his red Corvette and rolled my eyes. “If I hadn`t actually seen what you are packing, I would have thought you had a problem in the size-department.”

“So you disapprove of my car, but have no complaints about my size? I can live with that,” Eric wiggled his eyebrows. “Now get in. I`m not taking the bus just because you don`t like cool cars.”

“Nope, but we`re taking my car.” I walked towards my more sensible Volvo C30.

“I`m not riding in a chick-car.”

“Volvo isn`t a chick-car.”

“The C30 is. Do you want to emasculate me completely, Sookie?” He was dead serious.

“Jesus Christ, Northman.” I walked back to him. “Okay, then let us by all means ride in your `I`ll-screw-anything-in-a-skirt`-car.”

We got in the car and drove to the center of town.

“Just to be clear on this, Northman. We are talking football and nothing but football tonight. I`ve cleared this dinner with Andre just to make sure we wouldn`t get into trouble.”

I looked out the window of the car and felt his eyes on me.

“Well, football is my favorite subject, so you`ll get no arguments from me on that. It will be quite the novelty to discuss football with a representative of the weaker sex who actually knows the offside-rules.”

“It`s all in the company you choose, Northman. Choose body before brains and you can`t expect conversation.”

“Sometimes conversation is not what one wants, Sookie,” he said with a voice full of sex.

“Yeah, yeah, buddy. Tonight it`s conversation so just calm down.”

We had been quiet for some time when he started to chuckle.

“Too bad you cleared this conversation with Andre.”

If Eric Northman could have made quotation marks without letting go of the wheel, he would have around the word `conversation`. Instead he made it with his voice.

“I thought this dinner was to be all hush hush so I booked a chambre separé at the restaurant.”

I chewed a bit on that piece of information when he continued.

“That means a separate room.”

“I know what chambre separè means, Northman. I`m not stupid.” I`m only with stupid, I wanted to say.

“Okay, okay, don`t bite my head off,” he took a break and I just knew what was coming. “Not this head, at least,” he pointed to his forehead.

I groaned. This was going to be one long evening.

When we were seated at the table, had received our menus and a non-alcoholic drink (I`m a coach, I don`t encourage my players to drink in season) and were alone in the room, I figured I would lay the ground rules. And I would have to do it sooner rather than later because Eric Northman had apparently already planned which positions he would screw me in later on.

I stood up and asked him to do the same. Then I went over behind him, leaned in so close I had my breasts against his back and sneaked both my hands into his pants pockets.

“Aaah, Sookie. I like it when you take charge,” he moaned when I accidentaly touched a very hard part of his body. And it was not his thick skull.

I searched around between coins, cell phone and car keys and found what I was looking for. I pulled out two condoms and went back to my seat with them.’

“I see that you came prepared, but we are discussing football and training now. This is not dinner before fucking. This is dinner before making you a better striker. I would slap your horny face if I didn`t think it would have the opposite effect, but Northman, you need to focus now. You have to be able to discuss a future that`s a bit more distant than this night.”

Eric Northman looked like I actually had slapped him and to his credit, he did seem to focus on the words coming out of my mouth and not just how he could occupy it later on.

All through first course I told him about my theories on how he could improve himself, carefully mentioning how I had helped other players, among them my brother Jason, go through those exact improvements. I gave him a few lectures in football philosophy and how the body took to different kinds of exercise and noted that I had a pretty good listener in front of me.

When the main course came, I figured I had done enough talking so I started asking.

“What was your big dream when you realized you had a talent for football,” I asked him.

He took a few bites of the red steak he had ordered.

“I guess I wanted what all footballers want. I wanted to be professional, play on the national team and maybe go abroad at some point.”

“And how do you feel about having succeeded in 1 ½ of those 3 dreams? I mean you have a contract with one of the best clubs in the country and you have played the national team but you are not a regular there anymore and you never made it abroad.”

Eric Northman looked hurt.

“Hey, poke me with your fork while you`re at it,” he said. Then he chewed on a few more bites of meat. “I don`t know how I feel about it. I mean, I was pissed when they stopped calling me for the national team and I guess I was disappointed when my chance of Man U. or Liverpool never came, but I have a nice life here. I mean, thousands of guys envy the life I`m living so why not enjoy it?”

“Sure, just lean back and be swept off the team by some young hotshot and be a wash up in a bar twenty years from now, regretting the chances he never took.” I looked him deep in the eyes. “What I`m trying to tell you is that it`s not too late and I want to help you get there.”

“Eric Northman being helped by a woman coach.” He sighed. Then he looked at me. “I guess it`s worth a shot. You said you wanted my respect. You`ve got it. But I reserve the right to disagree with you. I can`t be running so fucking much, for instance. It`s busting my knees. And I really have a hard time having a woman yell at me. And…” I held up my hand to stop him.

“You`re just going to have to trust me, Eric. I`m your coach and that means I know what`s best for you. I`m not your friendly neighborhood democratic coach. So I say thank you for your respect, but I have to have your trust too.”

“You have my trust with my respect, but what about your respect for me? I`m just a lazy bastard to you.” He managed to look slightly offended.

“Yes, you are, Northman. But we`re going to change that.”

In the meantime, dessert had come. Chocolate mousse. My mouth watered just looking at it. It wasn`t until I noticed the cocked eyebrows on the other side of the table, I realized that I had moaned loudly at every bite I had eaten.

“I`m going to have to learn how to make chocolate mousse, Sookie,” he smiled and I knew that those little moans had effectively stopped any football conversation. Ah well, I would just have to work on his trust in other ways.

I looked at him while slowly putting the last spoon of chocolate mousse in my mouth, carefully licking it all off. I was being the cheapest I`d ever been and I certainly had a buyer.

He leaned over the table.

“I was wondering, Sookie. Am I going to eat your pussy at your place or mine?” He licked his lips to emphasize his point.

I leaned over too and looked him deep in the eyes and said in the sultriest voice I could muster. “If you really want to respect me you don`t call me bitch and you don`t refer to any of my bodyparts as pussy.”

I sat back while holding his gaze.

“And I was wondering about your feelings on being tied up.”

I smiled, but my heart was beating. In all honesty, that wasn`t a question I usually asked guys. Actually I`d never asked it to anyone before.

Apparently Eric Northman wasn`t very used to getting that question because he shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

“I can`t say I`m your typical submissive, Sookie, but for you, I`m willing to give it a try. No whips, though, right?” His eyes flickered a bit.

“No whips.”

We were back at my house in no time. I`d rarely seen a striker so eager to score. Cheap pun, but very true. We flew low in his red Corvette.

As soon as we were through my entrance door, he was all over me, kissing, groping, moaning. I had to take two steps back.

“I need to find some rope and something to protect your skin so just hold your horses,” I said, trying to be a bucket of cold water in his face.

“You were serious about the tying up,” he asked surprised.

“Are you getting cold feet?,” I goaded. I knew a dare would help him on. And it did.

“No, I`m never one to say no to trying new stuff so just bring it on.” He flexed his muscles under his clothes.

“Go to my bedroom,” I pointed in the general direction, “take off your clothes and lay on the bed.” I tried my best at keeping my voice stern.

“Yes, Mistress,” he winked. And almost ran to my bed, taking off his jacket on the way.

I found the ropes I usually used for hanging my bicycle up when I did the spring cleaning. I also found some old rags. Eric Northman would without a doubt pull on the ropes and I didn`t want him to come to practice the next day with rope burns.

Back in the bedroom, I had one huge naked striker sporting a major wood, lying in my bed with a huge grin on his face. I went to his right arm, covered the wrist in rags and tied him to my bedpost. I`d been a girl scout and used all the knots in the scout books. And then some.

I did the same with his left arm and both legs.

When he was naked and tied up, I started to undress myself. I did give him a little show, since he was looking anyway. No stripper action or poledancing, but I didn`t exactly remove my clothes as boringly as on any other Thursday.

Eric Northman looked as if he was a little kid who`d just realized that it was in fact a huge Lego in the giftwrap and not just cleverly disguised underwear or socks.

“Damn, Sookie. You are fucking hot,” he almost yelled.

It was not every day I was told I was hot, but I tried to pretend it was. I walked over to my tied up guest and started stroking him up and down his chest and then I bent down and licked his nipples.

“Bite just a little,” he moaned and I complied.

After quite some time with licking, kissing and caressing, I yanked out the drawer of my bedside table and picked the very close friend I kept there. I also found the lubricant.

I deliberately kept both behind my back and away from Eric`s view. I suppose he thought I had found condoms because his face was full of anticipation when I closed in on a very erect part of his body.

His jaw dropped when I squirted lubricant on my fingers and put it on the vibrator.

“What the hell is that for, Sookie?” He shouted, yanking both hands and legs.

“What are vibrators usually for, Northman?” I asked innocently.

“You are not putting that … I`m not fucking gay, woman!”

Apparently I had advanced from bitch to woman. I smiled to him.

“What`s wrong with being gay?” I said in a very calm tone of voice.

“There`s nothing fucking wrong with being gay, but I`m not. You of all people should know that!” He was getting agitated.

“You still have a prostate gland that could benefit from a nice little massage.”

Now he was really worried and I thanked myself for having put rags under the ropes. He would have been severely bruised from the ropes the way he was pulling. I was almost worried he would snap my bed.


I decided I had tormented him enough so I put the vibrator down on my covers and started kissing his thighs and lower stomach while whispering soothing words to him.

“Shh, don`t worry. Trust me. I`m not doing anything that isn`t right for you. Trust me. Shhh.”

He was still pretty tense when I grabbed him and slowly pulled his foreskin back and forth.

“Trust me, Northman,” I said and then I glided my mouth down around him, licking him in the process. I was still dealing with a tense body, but the reason for it had changed. He was now moaning loudly.

I let my fingers trail the curly blond hair surrounding his length while my other hand went up and down in the same rhythm as my mouth.

I`d never given much head, blowjobs, licked pricks or played the meat flute. Not that I had anything against doing it. It was just the way my sex cards had fallen. But my lack of experience in that department did make me slightly self-conscious. So I listened hard to every moan, sigh and body-movement and adapted my sucking and licking to it.

After a short while, my self consciousness disappeared as Eric Northman apparently had the time of his life. He yelled profanities, moaned and his butt hadn`t touched my bed since I started my ministrations. Eric Northman`s back- and stomach muscles were apparently in much better shape than I had given him credit for.

Then all his muscles started to tremble and with a loud “OH FUCK” I got the taste of him. I gave him a few soft licks and then sat up.

He had his eyes closed and a little smile on his lips. I straddled his stomach and looked down at his face.

“Are you okay?” I whispered pushing a strand of his hair behind his ear. I let my fingers caress his cheek a little.

He opened his eyes and looked at me. “You are one crazy bi… woman,” he said with the small smile still on his face.

“You have to trust me to have your best interests at heart. I may do things you don`t understand and you might think I`ll do things that go against who you are, but I won`t. I will push you as far as you need to go, but never further. Trust me on that, Northman, and we`ll be a great team.”

He looked at me a while. Then he sighed.

“You did all this to prove a point as my coach?”

“What do you want to know, Northman? Am I into bondage? No, I`m not. Do I get off using my vibrator on men? Definitely not. Did I want to have sex with you? Yes. Yes, I did this to prove a point, but I still made sure you had a good time, right?”

“Fuck, Sookie.” He shook his head. Then he pulled on the ropes. “Now get me out of these things so I can repay you.”

I started undoing the ropes, but stopped halfway through.

“We`re okay with this, right?” I asked with a tiny bit of apprehension in my voice.

“Get the fucking ropes off me and I`ll teach you a lesson. You may not think I trust you and you are probably right. Not sure how waving a huge dildo around helped there, but all`s well that ends well.”

“And the lesson you want to teach me?” I asked before I untied more ropes.

“To fucking relax!”


Any suggestions as to how Eric will teach Sookie a lesson?

I hope you like this chapter 😀

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