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Thank you for all your great suggestions as to how Eric can get Sookie to relax. Of course The Great Northman has a mind of his own – read on and see.

I also want to thank you for your great reviews and comments. I did not know that a certain Edward Cullen drives the same “chick-car” I had Sookie drive. Here this car is sold by Volvo as a car for the independent woman. I know – I`ve drooled over it plenty of times.

But the person I want to thank the most is opera-hater (buuuh), but football-lover (yay)Rascalthemutant from the Alexander Skarsgård Library Forum for reading and correcting this. And if you wonder why I`m mentioning Rascal`s opera-hate – well, read on and see what I tormented her with in this chapter.


Chapter 5


Shit. That was the fucking best blowjob I`d ever had. I never knew I would fear a vibrator so much – or that the relief would be so great when it was not being used.

Sookie didn`t strike me as a know-it-all sex-goddess and I believed her when she said she wasn`t into BDSM-sex. But she knew the human mind and she certainly could make use of her knowledge as a lover.

And as a coach.

I swallowed a laugh. Oh, I wouldn`t be saying that I actually thought she was a great coach out loud any time soon. Not to her and definitely not to the guys on the team. How could I, with my hours and hours of anti-Sookie rant earlier this season?

And now I had promised I would get her to relax. She was the most tight-assed person I`d ever met and I was supposed to loosen her up? That would almost be a mission impossible.

I went to the bathroom, partly because I had urgent business to take care of and partly because I needed to think out a strategy. I wanted to screw her AND make her relax. Most people are pretty relaxed after an orgasm or three, but I wanted to relax her before the pleasure I was going to give her.

I opened the door to the bathroom hoping she would have a bathtub. Bathtubs are the perfect place for relaxation and even if water dries out natural fluids and makes sex tricky, few things could beat fucking in a warm bubble bath. Only a Jacuzzi would be better.

But I was disappointed. Practical Sookie Stackhouse only had a shower. Fucking in a shower had its moments, but there would be no relaxation involved. Only awkward positions.

I did my business, washed my hands and looked in the mirror. I was fucked. I wanted to give Sookie a memorable experience, but how the hell was I going to do it?

Kinky positions? Roleplay? Fucking in all the rooms? Using the vibrator on her?

I cringed. I would most certainly not touch Sookie`s vibrator. And I would go for simplicity. She would be relaxed and she would be fucked. In that order.

I went back to the bedroom, sporting a huge smile and holding a small bowl I found in her bathroom cabinet. I walked so slowly as not to spill the warm water I had poured in the bowl.

Sookie was in the bed, naked as when she came into this world. She looked a bit different, though. My cock started having opinions on the progression of the evening, but I had my plans. I put the bowl down next to the bed and went to her CD-collection.

“What kind of music do you like when you want to unwind?” I asked, taking a look at her CDs. Most of the music was unfamiliar to me. We might have agreed on The Police and AC/DC, but Sookie`s obvious love of classical music and even… I pulled out a CD … opera, was foreign to me.

Opera would be perfect for my plans, though. Not that I liked the shit, but if she did, opera was what we were going to listen to.

I looked at Sookie. “What`s your favorite opera?” I asked.

“Oh, that would without a doubt be Tosca. You`ll find it under P for Puccini.”

I couldn`t help laughing. “It figures that you would alphabetize your record collection,” I teased. “Everything in order, always in control.”

Sookie frowned, but didn`t say anything.

I put on the CD and tried to close my ears. Fat ladies singing about heartbreak and death, from the top of their lungs, was never my favorite music. But Tosca immediately brought a smile on Sookie`s face.

“What is it about?” I asked in a low voice while looking for lotion in her nightstand drawer. I took the bottle of lotion and put it in the bowl. You don`t get much relaxation from cold lotion.

I turned Sookie around so that she was on her stomach. I put a pillow under her forehead to make sure she could breath and then I covered her upper body with her comforter.

I noticed that Sookie hadn`t answered my question. “What happens now?” I asked while taking large amount of lotion in my hands.

“The beginning of Tosca is a bit silly so I won`t explain it in detail,” she answered.

“Oh, really? I though all operas were serious documentaries?” I teased. I couldn`t help myself.

“Funny, funny. Tosca takes place in Rome during a war against France. Tosca is a bimbo actress who is in love with the painter Mario Cavaradossa who also helps political refugees escape from the police. He has to keep a lot of secrets from her which makes her jealous because she thinks he has a lover. The bad guy of the opera is the chief of police, Scarpia, who wants Tosca for himself. He tries to get Tosca to reveal Mario`s secrets and since she is so incredibly stupid, she gets him imprisoned by accident. She then bargains with Scarpia for her dear Mario`s life and Scarpia agrees to give Mario a pretend-execution without bullets in exchange for some roll in the sheets.”

“Roll in the sheets?” I laughed. The lotion was now warm enough to use and I started massaging Sookie`s foot, gaining me an instant moan.

“Well, she stabs him instead and runs to Mario`s execution, watches it and praises him for being so good at pretending to be dead, only to find that they had actually used bullets. She then throws herself from the tower,” Sookie stated as if this was an everyday occurrence.

“Okay. And this is your favorite opera?” I couldn`t hide my doubt.

“It`s beautiful. Wait until you hear her scream `MARIO, MARIO` when she realizes he`s dead. You`ll cry.” Sookie looked at me. “Well, you probably won`t, but I always do, so just be prepared for snot and tears here.”

“Sounds romantic,” I mumbled while giving each of her toes some tender loving care. Sookie turned her head.

“It is romantic. And it`s sad. He loves her even if she eventually destroys him and she loves him even if she is a dimwit who is mainly focused on her looks. They are very different and a disaster for each other, but there is still deep love.”

I was amazed to hear Sookie talk so passionately about love.

I had started massaging her ankle and could feel that she was getting agitated instead of relaxed so I leaned down and kissed the small of her back.

“Just listen to all the romance and dream that you are bimbo-Tosca and let me massage you. This is not going to be foreplay or sexual in any way, so just relax.”

When I saw Sookie`s skeptical look, I continued. “I can do non-sexual things to women too. I`m not that much of a man-whore.” I tried to sound offended.

“No, it`s not that. It`s just … I always identified with Mario, never Tosca.”

“Identify with Scorpius…”

“Scarpia,” she corrected.

“… Scarpia, for all I care, but shut up and relax.”

She actually did manage to be quiet and the only sounds in the room were those of cats having their tails being stepped on from the CD player. Opera was just as fucking awful as I had thought it would be. It was noise and pain, but I could feel Sookie`s muscles soften as I worked my way up her calf and knee, kneading and massaging very thoroughly.

When I got to her thigh, especially the upper inner part of it, Sookie`s breath became shorter and her muscles started to tense again.

“Shhh, this is purely non-sexual, remember? I am not suddenly going to poke my fingers into your p…., your gr…., well, I am massaging your body and nothing else. Just imagine that you are wearing panties.”

She relaxed again and I smiled. I of course had the perfect view to her pussy and I couldn`t help casting glances at it. Ok, I stared in deep fascination. This massage may have been non-sexual for Sookie, but I had not made the same restrictions for myself. And apparently at least one part of Sookie was deaf to restrictions too. It was pretty swollen and wet.

And so was I.

I gave her other foot and leg the same treatment. Sookie had very soft skin, but also very pronounced muscles in her legs. She was definitely a footballer, a runner. I knew women who would be devastated to have calves and thighs like Sookie, but they looked great on her. Actually perfect.

Sookie started moaning again when I massaged the other thigh. I made a note in my inner notebook about sensual spots there. That would be handy information for later on.

To stop her from moaning, I bent over her and leaned my mouth down to her ear.

“What is happening to Tosca now?” I whispered.

Sookie coughed a little. “Scarpia is following Tosca to Mario`s place.” Then she went back to listening mode and I could massage her butt. And what a butt it was. I probably gave it more attention than it needed, but I had needs too. Kneading Sookie`s butt seemed like the most important task in the world and it would be the fabric of some wet dreams later on.

After having given her butt the attention my center of lust demanded of me, I took the comforter from Sookie`s upper body and put it over the legs and butt, I had just massaged. I situated myself sitting on her butt, but not too heavily, one leg on each side of her.

Now it was time for her arms, back and neck to feel the talents of my hands. I started with her fingers and worked my way up her arms. She claimed women had most of their strength in the lower body, but I was massaging impressive biceps and triceps here.

This was definitely not the first time I`d give a woman a massage. For some reason, they are always clay in my hands after an hour with my fingers and some luke-warm lotion. But Sookie was by far the most muscular woman I had ever been in close encounter with. Which was not a bad thing. Definitely not.

After her back and neck had also been given the full Eric-treatment, I whispered for her to turn around and slide down a bit in the bed and make room for me at the head-board. I could hear that she was on the brink of falling asleep, which was perfect.

I gently put the comforter on her legs as they had already been given a thorough massage and then tried to find a way to sit at Sookie`s head without having a certain part on me in her face. Not that I usually objected to having my cock near a woman`s mouth, but it would have been pretty counterproductive just then.

I slid Sookie further down the bed to allow me more room for pointy objects. Long and hard pointy objects.

I started giving her a face massage, which gave me the opportunity to look closely at her features. She had a pretty plain face, actually. Her nose was a bit big and her lips a bit thin. But somehow it worked out just fine. Especially when there were emotions on her face. Her smile was fantastic and her laughter even better.

I hated when she was angry, which she seemed to be most of the time where I was concerned, but I would change that. Soon I would be seeing her face covered in lust and I would pay close attention.

My fingers ran down from her jaw to her torso. I avoided touching her breasts, but I couldn`t help staring at them. She had larger breasts than most women I had bedded. Correction: she had larger natural breasts than most women I had fucked.

Unlike the breast of the bimbos and models I had screwed over the years, Sookie`s actually acted with gravity and sagged slightly down to her sides. I had never realized how much breast implants had annoyed me before, probably because they never had. But now I only wanted natural, soft breasts. Always. Maybe I was getting sick? Coming down with the flu? I snickered quietly. Eric Northman being picky with breasts? That was a fucking good one.

I never realized that I had stopped massaging when I started mentally praising Sookie`s two soft assets. Suddenly I felt a pair of eyes on me and looked down to find her light blue ones staring at me.

“If you are finished drooling over my breasts, listen to the opera. This is the final scene. Now Tosca is telling her Mario to pretend to die when they shoot.”

Sookie was quiet for a minute, then whispered “Listen for the melody. Isn`t it beautiful?”

I gave her a non-committal “hmm”.

We listened a little longer, me with my hands on Sookie`s shoulders. Suddenly I heard distinct shots and Sookie whispered, “Now Mario was shot.” And a few seconds later “Now she is praising him for being so good at pretending to be dead.”

I didn`t need any explanations when `Tosca` screamed `Mario, Mario`. I felt goosebumps form on Sookie`s skin and looked down at her face. Tears formed in her eyes and she looked utterly sad.

I bent down to kiss her tears away and she pulled me further down with her hands on my neck.

“Don`t say I didn`t warn you, Northman. I`m not really sure if I like that you saw the romantic sap in me,” she said in a strained voice.

I bent down to kiss her again. “Yes, God forbid that I ever saw anything else but the tough coach,” I teased. She couldn`t help giggling and I kissed her harder. “I seem to remember that I was promised a meal on a certain body part of yours.”

“You were promised? I remember YOUR words being `where am I going to eat your pussy, Sookie`.” The last words were said in a dopey voice.

“Oh, so that`s how I sound, huh? Well, at least I don`t bitch people around in a voice like that opera-singer screamed `Mario` in.”

I kissed the tip of her nose to show her that I wasn`t looking for a fight. Then I bent further down and kissed one of her nipples. I decided that it tasted so good, I had to suck a little on it too.

Sookie moaned and gave my scalp its own little massage which made us moan in choir.

“I thought you said you wanted to go to my Chapel of Pleasure?” she asked with a strained voice, raising her hips slightly.

“Your Chapel of Pleasure?” I let my hands take over her breasts and kissed Sookie`s mouth again.

“You don`t like the name?”

“Oh, I love the name.” Kiss. “It`s very fitting.” I let a hand roam down her stomach and to the body part in question. She spread her legs. “Oh, very fitting indeed.”

Sookie bucked her hips and I decided it was time for my dessert. I could have just bent over and eaten her upside down, but again that would put a very erect part of my body a bit too close to her face and I wanted this to be all about her. I wasn`t going for number-sex now.

I repositioned my body instead and soon my tongue was a devoted worshipper at Sookie`s Pleasure Chapel.

“So do you have a name for your cock?” she moaned.

When your tongue is occupied making a woman writhe and sigh, it`s really hard to answer questions, so my “no” came out more as “mmmhmm”. I didn`t want her to know that I had baptized it `Sir Huge` ages ago, which would probably just make her die from laughter. I was looking for other kinds of reactions from her.

“No name, huh?” her voice was strained, but she kept talking.

Again my answer was “mmmhmm”. I was working her harder to see if I could get her to shut up. Of course Sookie could probably talk her way through an orgasm, but at least I had her moaning louder.

“Mmmmm, what would be a fitting name?” she asked.

My tongue and mouth doubled their efforts and finally I got her to keep her mouth shut – guttural sounds not counting. Sookie held on to the head-board and then I got a deep growl when she came. There was no better sound in the world.

I licked and sucked on her inner thigh, enjoying the little aftershock waves she had going through her body. I licked my way up over her hips, her stomach, her breasts and when I got to her jaw, she grabbed my head with one hand and kissed me deeply. Her other hand searched her drawer for what I hoped would be a condom.

I breathed a little easier when I saw the little plastic in her hand. She gave me the condom and I sat up on my knees and pulled the condom on. Sookie was a very observant spectator.

“I have the perfect name for it, Northman,” she said. “`Gracious Plenty`. It is a Gracious Plenty.”

I smiled. Her name was even better than `Sir Huge` and I`m sure Gracious Plenty grew a few centimeters in pride.

“So do you want to baptize it at the chapel, Northman?” she asked in a husky voice.

“Oh yes!” and in one move I was all the way inside her.

I stopped and looked her deep in her eyes. “You have to say my name, Sookie.”

“Northman,” she answered with a wicked grin.

I pulled almost all the way out and in again and stopped.

“My name!”

“Northman,” she laughed.

I pulled in and out a few times.

“My name, Sookie!”

“Northman,” she moaned.

I decided to play dirty and moved faster and harder and when I still didn`t get my name over her lips, I yanked her legs up with my forearms. I leaned down and whispered in her ear while biting it. “Say my name.”

She stayed silent.

I grabbed her butt and pumped fast. It felt so good, but I was determined not to stop before she screamed my name. It was hard since I felt my orgasm sneaking up on me. So it was with a guttural voice I yelled, “Dammit woman, say my name for fuck`s sake!”

“AAAARRRRGGGH!” she screamed louder than any opera singer.

I decided that was close enough to `Eric`, which was fucking lucky as I was over the edge in the next push. And wouldn`t you know – I couldn`t help yelling “Sookie” at the top of my lungs.

I collapsed over her and it was only by gathering my last strength I managed to pull off my condom, throw it on the floor and slide down to lie beside Sookie.

“You definitely know how to make a woman relax, Northman,” Sookie sighed. I should probably be bothered by the fact that she hadn`t said my first name properly, but instead I said, as some fucking lovesick puppie:

“Only you, Sookie. Only you.” And then we both fell asleep, lights on, condom on the floor and all.

The last word that crossed my mind was `amazing` while snuggling closer to her body.


So what do you think of Northman`s, sorry Eric`s, way of making Sookie relax?

If you want to see the finale of Tosca, I can recommend this version: .com [slash] watch?v=n6kTmWYIAcw&NR=1 (put in dots and slashes – fanfic doesn`t let us post URLs)

It makes me cry too. Every time I see it. Every. Time.

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