Thyra Dane

Author of Romance. Blogs about Scandinavia, Vikings and books.

I’m fascinated by Vikings and I’m a romantic by heart. So why not combine the two and write a Viking romance? Now you can pre-order The Jarl’s Challenge! In only five days YOU can read The Jarl’s Challenge. And you can pre-order it today. Check out my first romance if you’re more into contemporary romances …

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The Norwegian parliament in LEGO

Is Scandinavian politics just about free education, free healthcare, long maternity/paternity leave and high taxes to pay for all of this? Lately many non-Scandinavians have pointed to Scandinavia–either as a political system to copy or something to scare people with … because, you know, socialism. So are the Scandinavian Social Democracies (we do not call them …

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